Are you a Softball Diva?

For some softball players this will be a piece of cake, but for those who don't respect the sport, be prepared to die! This will show who knows the sport, and who should go back to slow-pitch!

If you actually know something about softball maybe you can beat someone else who will take this and prove that softball is harder than any other sport out there! Please make me proud!

Created by: Laura

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many years have you been playing softball?
  2. How far are the bases away from each other?
  3. Which name below is a pitcher?
  4. what size softball does every age group above 10u use?
  5. How many time outs do you have before you have to replace your pitcher?
  6. What is the highest level of play a player can play at?
  7. How many girls can be on the field at MINIMUM?
  8. What season is softball played in?
  9. What is the form of pitching, in fastpitch, called?
  10. Do you play softball?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Softball Diva?