2008 Olympic Softball Quiz

There are a lot of people who think they know about the US Olympic softball team, but few put that knowledge to the test. Softball first appeared in the Olympics in 1996 and made 4 appearances before being voted out in 2005. In it's short stint a lot of history was made. Let's see how much you know about this past Olympics in Beijing, China.

How much do you know about the Olympic softball? Let's test your knowledge with this quiz. The quiz includes questions from the 2008 Olympic Games. Take this short quiz and find out how much you know about Olympic Softball.

Created by: Z. Green

  1. Name the player who pitched 21 innings in one day to get Japan to the Gold-medal game.
  2. Which team won the least amount of games during the 2008 Olympics?
  3. Name the teams that scored a run against the United States.
  4. Who led the US in homeruns during the 2008 Olympic Games?
  5. Thank goodness for the mercy rule (also known as the "˜run-ahead rule'). Which teams were given mercy during the 2008 Olympic Games against the United States?
  6. Name the medal order for the 2008 Olympic Games.
  7. Name the starting center fielder for the US Olympic team.
  8. Which pitcher led the United States in strikeouts?
  9. Name the United States head coach for the 2008 Olympic team.
  10. Name the US pitcher who gave up a homerun in the 2008 Olympics.

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