Girard Vet Animals

There are many clever softball players. Truly clever softball players pay attention to the details. If you're an Animal then your task is that much greater.

Are YOU a clever Animal team member? Do you have the essential stuff to make it on this team: Brain power AND softball skill? Until now, you could only wonder. But now with this Animals' Genius Quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Sharon of Kenny's Imprintables
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  1. For the newbies: Who is our team's sponsor?
  2. This team has had many names. Which of the following was/were our past identity(ies)?
  3. Finish this popular phrase: "Edda bettah gettah _______."
  4. A spin-off from last year's quiz: Cindy Balzer is famous for her tye-dye shorts. She no longer wears those particular ones. Where are they now?
  5. Christine's (Belton) last name inspired us to give her this team nickname.
  6. How long has this raggedy ol' team been around anyhow?
  7. Fairmount Park Women's Softball League has a rich history. How long has it been around?
  8. Lynda Chen offered to take the equipment home. How did she get it there?
  9. Can this urban legend be true? Exactly how much did Beth pay for her cleats?
  10. If, for some reason, our ump Bill makes a sketchy call, the proper response is:

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