are you good with animals

there are many who have and or deserve the title of one who understands the animals do you deserve it and of coure either way dont be a jeffry ( forced to be said by pal)

are you okay with animals or wondered if you were then now you can find out for sure and if you try do do you best with the critters before you take tis test (kiding)

Created by: ?????????????
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. are you okay with cleeaning up a cage stall or tank filled with poop?
  2. were do you want to work
  3. do you like this quizz
  4. what place do you like best
  5. what is your favorite animal listed
  6. bla bla bla tell me honestly is this what you realy read?
  7. okay and now what do you like best
  8. how long do you think it took me to do all this
  9. bord yet
  10. do you hate jeffery c.
  11. okay whats your favorite color
  12. whats you favorite past time
  13. do you own a pet
  14. what kind

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Quiz topic: Am I good with animals