Are You Eligable For Select?!?

There Are Many Lacrosse Players Out There, But Few True Legends. What Is A Lacrosse Player? A Lax Player Is Someone Who Is Dedicated, Has A Clever Mind, Does The Unthinkable, And Can Gets A Different Point Of View Than Anyone Else.

Are You A True Lacrosse Player? Do You Have The Skills To Qualify For The Big Leagues? Well Your Just A Few Moments Away From Taking The Quiz That Answers All Of You Questions!

Created by: Corey
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What Position Do You Play?
  2. How Many Years Have You Been Playing?
  3. Average Number Of Goals Per Game(Mid & Attack Only)
  4. Goals Allowed Per Game (Goalies)
  5. Clears Per Game(Defence)
  6. Faceoff Wins (Middies)
  7. Ground Balls
  8. Penaltys Per Game
  9. Were You Recommended To Play For Select?
  10. What Hand Do You Use?

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Quiz topic: Am I Eligable For Select?!?