What Quidditch Position should you Play?

Every Harry Potter fan has heard of the wonderful sport of Quidditch, played on broomsticks, fourteen players, very dangerous. But what position would be best for you?

Are you an attentive Seeker? A tough-stuff Beater? The goalie-like Keeper? Or possibly the scoring Chaser? Or do you overall fail at Quidditch? Take this quiz and find out. (Disclaimer: Results do not always match up to real physical ability.)

Created by: MalorieMoon
  1. Starting simple. What's your favorite color?
  2. Which broomstick would you most likely get?
  3. Which House would you rather be in? (You don't have to pick your real one. Just tell us where you want to be.)
  4. Which Muggle elective would you rather take?
  5. You notice things...
  6. Which Wizard elective would you rather take? To learn something, and not for an easy A.
  7. You think you're so clever trying to get Seeker. So here's a history mini-quiz. Which of the following was a Seeker?
  8. Okay here's a story question for you. Say your worst enemy and his posse come marching up to you in the hall. You say:
  9. How many gifts do you usually get for birthdays/Christmas?
  10. Would you ever use a Time-Turner? And why?
  11. Story question. If you forgot to do an 18-inch essay for Potions that was due next class, what would you do?
  12. You think a career as ____ might be fun.
  13. More history trivia. Which was the first House to have a Quidditch team?
  14. How many times did you read the Harry Potter books?
  15. Do you go to Hogwarts?
  16. Quidditch gloves are:
  17. Would you rather...
  18. Pick one. (Yes, this like all the other questions, affects your score.)
  19. Someone trolled a video/quiz/picture/whatever that you worked really hard on. You...
  20. Last question. Basically what other people do. Was this a good quiz?

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Quiz topic: What Quidditch Position should I Play?