General Quidditch Quiz

There are many students at Hogwarts who would like to play on a Quidditch Team. However, only the best of the best will be qualified to have a position in the prestigious teams.

This test was made to test the Quidditch knowledge of Hogwarts's students. All the answers can be found on the Qudditch page of the Guild webbie. Everyone should be able to ace this quiz, so let's quiz quiz quiz!

Created by: broomsticks
  1. What muggle sport is Quidditch like?
  2. T/F The Quaffle is made of iron.
  3. In modern day Quidditch, what are the Bludgers made of?
  4. T/F Bludgers only go after the Chasers during an official Quidditch Match.
  5. How many points does a team get if their seeker catches the golden snitch.
  6. When can a Quidditch match end?
  7. What is the surface of the Quidditch field made of?
  8. How does a team earn points during a Quidditch match?
  9. What is the oldest position in Quidditch?
  10. How many players are on a Quidditch team?

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