Test your general knowledge

General knowledge is one thing we may learn in school or pick in our library and even in the streets. It is one of those things that makes the world round and determine how learned a person is. General knowledge is just a random collection of facts and truths we just kept in our brain.

How well do you know? Do you have a lot of general knowledge stocked in your brain or written on your notes? If you think you're a certified intelligence quiz and facts master then brace yourself for this quiz. Go on and don't just take it with a grain of salt.

Created by: alakazam0613
  1. History: Which US president declared that NASA must bring a man to the moon?
  2. Physics: What is the unit of energy referred to in the equation E=mc2
  3. History: What is the name of the first dog to be launched to the outer space?
  4. Engineering: Which field of engineering deals with machine designs and thermodynamics?
  5. Geography: What continent has no government and population?
  6. Biology: Dolly is the first cloned
  7. Chemistry: Wolfram is the Latin name of what element?
  8. Animals: What do you call a group of rhinoceros?
  9. Astronomy: When was the only time when there wasn't a full moon?
  10. Random: What do you call the fear of cats?

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