general knowledge quiz

this is test is full of weird random questions to get you to think with general knowledge and if you google it then um uh i will well you dont wanna know!

i hope you enjoy i swear all facts are true and this was made for entertainment only so dont get out of your way to find a way to sue me!d

Created by: the floper kid

  1. NO GOOGLING OR ELSE! (Greenland is a part of Denmark)what is the least densely populated nation
  2. what is the most successful fast food place in the world .
  3. who has the most subscribers(2018)
  4. what is the currency of Afghanistan
  5. when was badminton invented.(brought to the u.k)
  6. which law is not real world wide!
  7. who planned the burj khalifa
  8. which of these is a sport
  9. how do you pronounce Isthmus
  10. what is the most common cause of death in France.
  11. what is 72x4
  12. last quistion did you like it

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