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This is a random collection of general knowledge questions. You do not need to qualify as a genius to rank in the top percentages, but you must possess a wide range of information to do well.

If you want a challenge then this quiz is it! Not for the faint of heart! Do you have the brainpower to answer these tough questions?? Take this quick quiz to find out!

Created by: Kate
  1. How many elements are contained in a Periodic Table?
  2. How many of those elements occur naturally?
  3. You're most likely familiar with the precious metals gold and silver. Which metal below is not part of the Platinum Group?
  4. There are 20+ countries with coastlines on the Mediterranean Sea. Which country below is not one of them.
  5. There are numerous famous explorers. Hernando de Soto is famous for which exploration?
  6. The Daytona Beach Road Course was a race track that was instrumental in the formation of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, or NASCAR. It originally became famous as the location where fifteen world land speed records were set. What year was the first race held?
  7. The USA is a big place. There are 50 states. But how many counties?
  8. Prostitution is permitted and regulated in Nevada. How many legal brothels exist there?
  9. Everyone loves the Rodeo. What term below is not part of Rodeo lingo.
  10. Lou Ferrigno is an American actor. He is also famous for this
  11. The Courtship of Eddie's Father was an American TV series 1969-1972. What was the name of the show's catchy theme song?
  12. How many types of wine are produced in the world?
  13. Astronomers use a system of measurement called Astronomical Units to calculate distance. But thinking in terms of miles, approximately how far in miles is the Earth from the Sun?

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