Quiz time part one!

There are many smart people, but many of them are only smart in a particular category of life. There are much few general knowledge stars. Being good at General knowledge isn't the same as being clever, just knowing LOTS of facts.

Are YOU a general knowledge star? Do you have the memory and random factness to qualify for a game show? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to my 3rd quiz, you can find out in a few minutes!

Created by: Ash22

  1. In the legends, what is the name of king Arthur's castle? (History)
  2. What is a draw called in tennis? (Sports)
  3. The Mona Lisa was painted by Vincent Van Gough (Art)
  4. What gas is put in balloons to make them float? (Physics)
  5. How many teeth do elephants use to chew thier food? (Animals)
  6. Which of these is a nickname for giraffe? (Animals)
  7. Where can you see the ruins of ancient Aztec pryamids? (History)
  8. What are the three particles an an atom?
  9. Which of these places does not have a Disneyland?
  10. Which brothers built the first ever powered aircraft?
  11. What does a skunk's spray smell most like?(animals)
  12. What does Han Solo fly in the Star Wars movies?
  13. What only needs air, water and sunlight to live? (Biology)
  14. What is the most popular pet worldwide? (Animals)
  15. Where would you find manga? (Art)
  16. Which dogs pull snow sleds? (Animals)
  17. What makes up 70% of the human body?
  18. Which fictional monster can turn into a bat? (Entertainment)
  19. What is the biggest planet in the solar system? (Astronomy)
  20. What are baby porcupines called? (Animals)

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