New Girl, New Life. ( Part Two)

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Created by: CeeCeeXD

  1. Thanks for all the comments. I liked alot of the ideas and critism was helpful. On to the story!Recap:Apollo just got to her new school.
  2. The bus doors opened with a squeek and the full bus of students flooded out of the bus with frantic excitement. I took a shakey breath and pulled my neon orange backpack on to my shoulders."Nervous?" Ryanne asked with a small smile. I looked up at her and nodded."Don't be. I'm sure everyone will love you. But not as much as Chad or Dylan."She whispered.
  3. I gave her a "Really?" look. And she laugh.We were off the bus now and in the halls. "Apollo!" I heard a voice call from behind me. Mr. Shy himself, Dylan. I turned to see what he wanted, secretly hoping he was here to ask me out, but i knew that wasn't the case. My eyes widened as i saw he bounding down the hall. The actual first time i saw his face. I know i said he was cute before, but that was before i saw his face. He had a small scar above the left side of his lip, which turned into a cresent shape, as he had a stupid looking smirk on his face(which i found quite attractive.
  4. He had long brown hair which reminded me of a skater in a way. The only bad part was, his perfectly scultped face and the rest of him was charging straight for me. He slowed down as he reached me, barely stoppin ghimself from running me over. "There isn't much time.He is coming." He said as he panted. "What?Whos coming?" I asked. "Chad. He's to shy to admitt it, but..." "Dylan! You can't hide forever!" Chad hollered down the hall.
  5. "He wanted you to know..." He paused too long for my liking. "Spit it out already! And talk normal we don't life in the freaking midevil times!" I tried to stay calm but my patients was wearing thin."He said that he thought you were hot and that he LOOOVED you!"He exagerrated the word love.I had almost forgotten that Ryanne was their untill i heard her histarical laughter beside me."I was RIGHT!" She fell the floor nearly crying because of her laughter."I'm never right."She stayed on the floor busting a gut.Dylan continued.
  6. "He wanted to tell you he fell in love with your brown hair and green eyes the second he saw you." Ryanne was still on the floor crawling to her locker, as it was four away from mine."Oh god, I'm gonna pee myself."She said still laughing."Well, he didn't really want to tell you, i just thought it would be funny to embaress(A/N sp. fail) him. Chad was almost all the way to us now. "Gotta go. YOU SHALL NEVER CATCH ME!" He yelled that last part at Chad
  7. I opened my lock, confused by what had happened. Ryanne started to pick herself up off the floor. "I'm surprised you weren't trampled. It wasn't that funny."I stated even though i know she wasn't laughing at Dylan."No, its so funny that I was right and YOU were sure he didn't like you. I am a genious!" She stated proudly. "Yeah, keep telling yourself that."I giggled. "And you still are wrong, you said both Chad and Dylan liked me."
  8. " I know, i just need proof for Dylan."She said as we closed our locker doors. On the bus we discovered all our classes were the same, execpt for out music choices, she was a orchie dork aka orchestra, and i was a bandie. "Ryanne!Dylan loves Apollo!" Chad called down the hall.Dylan answered by putting Chad in a head lock. "Ignore him, he just...uh... is extremly stupid."He called."Yeah, can't argue with that." I whispered to Ryanne. She laughed instantly.
  9. We stepped into our first class which was right beside my locker. Yes. I am going to be the girl everyone hates for having an end locker. The teacher had the seating chart on the board. I was seated with a boy named Daniel in front. Behind me a girl with short blond hair which was dyed red at the ends went by the name Kyla. On either side was a boy named Micheal. One with a mohawk, the other had his head shaved.
  10. I figetted in my seat anxious for the teacher to introduce herself and take attendance. A tall man with a bue polo walked in. He looked to be about in his 40s. He introduced himself as Mr. Bassett. H seemed excited for a new class. I had already heard on the bus last year was a ton of trouble. I also learned that Dylan and Chad were a year above us.Whatever, they were hot either way. Wait, what am i thinking?Nevermind, i decided it wasnt important right now.
  11. Part two is over. Remember to comment tell me how i did and what i could do better. Comment and make a charcter profile about whos ryanne's crush should be. Include his name and descrption! Comments mean the world to me! Do you like Chad or Dylan more? Thank you so much. Sorry if it was bad, i'm tired. Check out part three. Thinking about doing Chad or Dylans Point of view. Comment on that. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

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