New Girl, New Life. ( Part One)

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Created by: CeeCeeXD

  1. The alarm woke me from my dreams. Urg. This was going to be a long day. I could already tell. I was new in town and not to mention its the first day of high school. I was so excited. Sarcasm. This was going to be aweful.I pulled the covers off and headed towards my closet. Hmmmm... What would be a good outfit to start of my new school with?
  2. I chose my blue cut off shorts and a white butterfly top with flowing sleaves. Eh, this will be okay i decided. I ate my breakfast and headed to my bus stop. I could see about eight teens talking and laughing. A guy who looked about my age saw me coming and nudged his friend beside him.
  3. The first boy whispered something in the other guys ear and galnced at me breifly. I keept on walking and in about three steps i reached the place all the kids were gathered. They all stopped talking and looked at me.
  4. "Um, Hi?"What was i supposed to say. I put on a fake smile and flipped my hair out of my face." Dude, she's even hotter up close!Hey, I'm Chad." That was the guy who the first boy whispered to. he held out his hand to shake. I shook his hand.
  5. "I'm Apollo. Nice to meet you." I answered. This guy was insanely cute. He had blond hair which was short and gelled to his left and a wicked grin that could make your heart melt. "Apollo, I like that. This is Dylan." He pointed at the boy who whispered to him."Kyra, Landon, Braxton, Tess, and Ryanne( Its the girl version on Ryan)." HE pointed at each person as he said their name.
  6. They all smiled at me. Ryanne, the girl with black hair and fair skin spoke first. " It's so nice to have someone new here for once."She said. "It's good to be here." i answered. "can i sit with you on the bus." She asked, "I mean, If you want to." She added quickly.
  7. "uh, sure..." i answered. The bus pulled up and stopped at the corner. We all got on and sat in the middle."Better watch out Apollo.I think Dylan and Chad BOTH like you."She whispered excitedly."Shuddup." I giggles and turned away to hide my blush. Sh emust of saw because of what she said next."You like them both too!CHAD SHE LOVES Y.."She was cut off when ever i pulled her back down."DON'T LISTEN TO HER!!!!"I yelled at them.
  8. I knew from that moment that me and Ryanne were going to be best friends."They are best friends ya know? And they have fought over girls before. If i were you i'd choose a guy fast, so the other guy doesnt get a huge crush on you."She said seriously."They dont like me!" I said In the middle of a small laugh.
  9. "Did you see how Dylan Pulled back and didnt say anything, he didn't even make eye contact! Usually he wont shut up! And it usually takes a miricle to get Chad to talk!" Ryanne exclaimed." whatever." My heart pounded as we stopped at my new high school.
  10. CLIFF HANGER! Hoped you enjoyed! Tell me what you think in the comments!First two comments get a shout out. If you dont like it tell me WHY!

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