Run away from it: Where am I? Part 1

Okay , so this is my new series about a girl with a terrible life who stumbles upon-well, it's really more like unlocks... Oh oh oh why must I write this description?

Just read it and find out yourself what happens! I don't have anything to say, really......... Please enjoy! And oh! Maybe comment and rate, too?

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. You sit huddled in the corner of your bed thats become your only friend. The cold silence is music to your abused ears, which are sick of hearing your parent's yelling. The bitter Januraury air shoots you in small gusts from your broken window. Looking around, you see evidence of a once-happy little girls' room in the sleepy New York City apartment. There is no happy little girl anymore, though . There's only a gloomy teenager always on the verge of tears.
  2. "Constance!" your mothers dreary voice calls from the tiny kitchen. "Yes?" you barely whisper, but your mother can hear you through the papery thin walls. "Come here." You tiptoe out. You've been very quiet. You're fourteen and haven't had a girl over since 5th grade. You are an outcast. The ignored. The lost. "Donna and her boys are coming to stay with us. So your father is coming back for the week." Mother said tiredly. You want to dislike her, because she's been dreadful since your father and her started fighting and he left, but you can't , knowing how hard it's been on her.
  3. "Yes, Mother." you say almost silently. Donna is your second cousin. She's a forty year old McDonald'd drive through worker with three horrific elementary-aged brats. "So would you go to the store?!"Mother switches moods quickly. You nod. She thrusts ten dollars into your open, chapped, white palm and pushes you out the door. You walk downstairs to the lobby and groan. The landlord is there, barking at the nice twenty-year-old doorman. "And you! I remember the dreaded Constance and Rana!" The landlord yells. Rana is your mother. "Yes, sir." You say, hardly audible. "You will be just as soon kicked out! Give me that." The landlord snatches the ten dollar bill and booms off at Mrs. Pimpherton, the little old lady from next door. "Sorry about that, Connie." Doorman Lance says. "I know-er, thank you." You reply softly. "Here." Lance throws a rainbow colored key into your hand. As you set out into the city that to you is anything but cheerful, you notice a rainbow keyhole in the sidewalk you've never noticed before.
  4. You look aroud, then stare back at the keyhole in the pavement. In a daze you take Lance's rainbow key and unlock the little rainbow lock. The sidewalk opens up and seems to swallow you. "AAAAAAAHHHH!" You scream. You fall down, down, down in the brown dirt then you fall-plop!-into a little pink chair. "Help!" Your eyes are still shut.
  5. You open one eye in fear, then the other eye follows in amazement. You've left the grey city for a world you could have sworn was Candyland or Oz. "Or maybe," You think comically,"My name is really Alice and this is Wonderland." "It most certainly is not!" a small voice says. "Who said that?" You demand. You seem to have grown a bit braver and louder.
  6. "Why I did, of course." you now see what must be a little mouse, only it has blue peppermint swirl patterns all over it and a pink tail. It's also... Flying? "But I never said anything!" You point out. "Creepy." You think. "I am not creepy in the least, little miss." the mouse says crossly. "I.. Are you perhaps reading my thoughts?" you wonder aloud. "You bet! I'm a thought mouse!" the mouse declares. "Huh." you don't know what to make of this.
  7. "What is this place?" you ask politely. "I'm not exactly sure, but french fries grow here, the Sugar Plum Fairy trained here, and I found you in a chair here, so who could know?" the mouse replies. "But how-"you say. "You do talk a lot for an earthworm." the mouse huffs. "An EARTHWORM?"you shout.
  8. "You came from the passage of dirt, no?" the mouse asks. "I am not an earthworm," you say with dignity, "I am Constance Elaine Jeffrey." "And how was I to know that?" The mouse says pointedly. "You weren't. Now, what is your name?" you sigh.
  9. "A name? Why do i need one of those?" asks the mouse indignantly. "Because-what will I call you?" You ask. "Call me chopped liver if you like, just don't call me late for supper or the rats will get all the cake." the mouse says.
  10. "Rats? Ugh," you complain. "Oh quit complaining, you big fat wimp." scoffs the mouse. "Well, do you really mean i can call you chopped liver?" you change the subject. "I think you are incredibly Stupid for an earthworm." the mouse replies calmly. "I think you are incredibly girly for a boy mouse named chopped liver." you say. "Get your butt out of that chair, Admiranda. And stop telling me your name is Constance."

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