Love is in One Direction part 3

Welcome to part 3. Hahaha of you're looking for part 1 or 2 just click the blue "Bagels" below. Haha this part tool me a while to write because I suffered from writers block. Haha so yeah. I'm pretty proud of this part. You may or may not enjoy it as much as others but I know some of you will. Haha it's a bit slow, but remember, writers block!

Haha so yeah we left off with watching the sunrise and then Liam kissing you. The results are kinda bad because I wrote them fairly quickly haha so yeah. Leave me a comment and we'll speak again soon!

Created by: Bagels
  1. Pull away from Liam just as quickly as he placed his lips on yours. With an embarrassed and hurt face he turns away and takes small sips of his hot chocolate. You still feel the sparks that ran through your veins when he kissed you. You take the mug to your mouth and you can still feel his warmth. 
  2. You glance Harry's way and he gives you a small nervous smile. You feel uncomfortable and think, 'Did he see the kiss? Is he upset too?' You return the smile and rest your head on Ella's shoulder feeling tired. "Alright, ladies," Niall says, "we have tried to make a delicious breakfast." He picks up the picnic basket and lays it in front of the semi circle. Lifting each of it contents, he names them with pride.
  3. "First, we have...ORANGE JUICE! Second.....MILK! And finally....drum roll please! FRUITS IN THE LOOP FORMATION!" He bursts out laughing and the rest of the boys join in. They smile proudly at the breakfast they've prepared. It may not be much but the smiles on their faces make you feel happy
  4. You eat breakfast and when everyone's finished, you help pack up.  The sun has fully risen and Zayn says,  "Let's go the beach! The from where I'm facing, the view is beautiful." He smiles and gazes at Ella then at you. You feel a twang of jealousy and frown.
  5. Ella speaks up, "Yeah, I agree! Let's go!" She stands and Louis and Zayn rise as well. Harry comes and helps you up. He picks up the picnic basket and climbs down the ladder. Niall follows as he carries the blankets. Liam helps you down the ladder and when you reach he bottom you watch him as he follows. He nudges past you and whispers, "We need to talk." 
  6. You watch as Zayn comes down the ladder and he waits at the bottom. Louis stands at the top and holds her hand guiding her down. When she's within Zayn's reach, he holds her waist and brings her next to him. She smiles and turns to her bed to get her bathing suit ready. Zayn walks past you a secretly squeezes your hand as he leaves. You gawk at him.  Louis comes down the ladder and doesn't say a word as he leaves. 
  7. You pull the ladder leading to the other bedrooms and turn to Ella. "What's your problem?!" you say almost yelling. She shrugs, "I don't know what you're talking about." She holds a bathing suit against herself and looks in the mirror. "Don't say that to me," you snap back, "Louis clearly likes you and you're making him sit there and watch Zayn put his hands all over you." She stops and looks at you with that annoyed look she always pulls. "Look, I don't like Louis.  Zayn makes me feel like no other boy has.The way he looks at me just makes my heart melt."
  8. You sigh and think back to yesterday when you met Zayn for the very first time. You can't argue, he made you feel exactly the same way. You dig through your still packed bags and search for a bathing suit. "Well I'm gonna go ahead," she says and walks out the room. You finish changing and walk out as well. When you go downstairs, you notice that the house is empty. "Ahh great," you say," everyone left without me. Hellooo?" "_______?" you hear from the kitchen. You walk and see Niall and Louis sitting around the island. Niall snacks on some chips as he packs a picnic basket and Louis sits sadly across from him.
  9. Hey bud, how you feeling?" you say sitting next to Louis. He shrugs and picks at the pile of chips in front of him. The warm, happy feeling you get whenever your near him is gone. You frown and look in the other direction. Niall notices the cold feeling and says, "Hey, ______, try this sandwich." He gives you one and when you bite it's corner, it tastes amazing. The flavors are balanced so well that they compliment each other. He sees your happiness and smiles, satisfied. You finish off the first and ask for another. He grins and gives you a second sandwich. 
  10. You finish off the second one quickly and Niall gives you a surprised look. As he continues to pack the basket, you notice his occasional glances up and down. After several minutes of silence, Louis says, "______, can I tell you something?" You nod and he leads you out the back door. As you walk, you feel Niall's stare on your back. 
  11. You follow Louis onto the porch swing facing the beach. You both sit silently for a moment and you feel his slow, steady breathing. "She doesn't like me, does she...?" he says still looking at the beach. You open you mouth to reply, but he covers your lips with his fingers. "Please, I don't want to hear the answer." You nod and he removes his fingers.
  12. "Hey guys," you hear Niall say behind you, "I finished packing lunch so if-" Louis suddenly jumps up, "Sure, mate! Let's head the the beach!!" His smile is back and he happily skips into the house. Niall looks at you, eyes wide. "What did you say to him? I've never seen him so upset and you brought his old self back in a matter of minutes!" You smile and take the basket away from him, not saying a word. When you reach the front door, with Niall behind you, Louis already has his Toms on. He holds various blankets in his arms.  "I'm gonna go ahead I'll see you guys there." 
  13. When it's just you two, he smiles and grabs the one of the basket handles. As you trudge through the sand, sharing the weight of the basket, you catch him stealing glances at you. But you're staring at him as much as he's looking at you. You can't help it. There's something interesting about his face. Even at a young age, he already has subtle laugh wrinkles. "Like what you see?" he says snapping you back to earth. He laughs and reaches into the what separates you two and pulls out a two juice boxes. "Let's take a break," he says sitting down. You sit across from him with the basket still in the middle.
  14. He pokes the straw into the juice box and hands it to you. He does it again to the other juice box and begins to sip the liquid. You gulp down the juice quickly and some of it spills out of your mouth. Niall laughs and juice comes out of his mouth too. Next you're both giggling trying to not spit juice all over each others faces. When you feel like bursting, you swallow and say, "Well that wasn't very attractive...sorry..."  Niall swallows and replies, "Don't worry," he reaches over and wipes juice off your chin barely touching your lip, "It was cute." you sit there in silence for a bit. You try not to hold his gaze but he stares at you with those incredible blue eyes.
  15. Breaking the silence, you say, "I think it's almost lunch. How bout we get going, the guys and Ella might be getting hungry." Niall nods slowly still looking at you. You stand and lift the basket. You realize how heavy it is without someone sharing the weight. Niall quickly gets up and says, "Let me carry that," he grabs the basket and walks in front of you. He stops a couple steps ahead and looks back. "A princess shouldn't have to carry such a heavy thing." 
  16. *HEY* Okay I know there hasn't been much of Zayn and Harry. But I really wanted to end there and this part was getting a bit long. So yeah sorry bout that haha. Comment and rate! BOOYA!

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