Are You Sure You Are A One Direction Fan?

There are LOADS!!! of One Direction lovers that claim to be thier biggest fans but this test will determine if you are one or not.if you take this quiz you will be able to say you are the ultimate direction er!!

Do you think that you have the One Direction brains to pass this test as a true One Direction fan? you will only be able to find out if you do by taking this test. It will deffinatly determine weather you do or not.

Created by: Mikaela And Ione
  1. Who LOVES! To Look In The Mirror The Most??
  2. Which Song Did The Boys Get Teary In??
  3. What Special Occasion Is Louis' Birthday On
  4. What Year Was Niall Born In??
  5. How Old Was Niall When He First Started Dying His Hair??
  6. What Is Harry&Louis' "Bromance" Called
  7. What Is Harry's Worst Habbit?
  8. Which 2 Have To Be In The Same Bed Together In An Hotel??
  9. What Type Of Transport Are They Singing On In The Film Clip To"One Thing"
  10. What Is The Last Song On One Direction's Album"Up All Night"?

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