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Hi guys! This is my One Direction Love Story! This has been requested by @ketine11! I hope you enjoy it! If you don't know One Direction; they are the most popular British Boy band who placed third in the UK Version of X-Factor and they are just to die for!

They're the hottest boy band of 2012! They're British. They're young. There's Five of them! Five times the fun! Now, how would you react if I told you that one day you fell into One Direction's hotel room and suddenly from that point, a new life with them has been made?

Created by: natuhleegayle

  1. "What are you doing here!?" A strong British accent rung in my ears as my face touched the carpeted floor. I brought my head up and laughed; I tucked a piece of hair behind my ears and smiled. "Oops, wrong room." I said as I blushed, this was no accident. I purposely took a wrong turn. "Well?" The one with spiky black hair asked. "Cute story." I laughed but they didn't look amuse. "Okay, now it's cute." I think we should back track at least two hours for you to understand.
  2. "I can't ever be brave "˜cause you make my heart race." Right there, those five boys; I'm going to meet them and when I do, I'll make them fall in love with me and then we can happily live together! "One Direction! The Biggest Sensation since Justin Bieber! This phenomenal British Boy-band is heading for their 2012 American Tour! Get your tickets fast!" The TV announced as a commercial flashed on a popular music channel. "But I need that One Thing and you got that One Thing!" On the image showed my future husbands: Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Style, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson.
  3. I was sitting on the floor of my room, a cordless phone that I held with my shoulder as my hands were preoccupied. I was in my long red and white striped Hollister T-shirt and boy shorts; I was painting my nails as the TV was on my favourite channel. "Please tell me you got tickets!" I said into the phone as I was painting my nails a green sea foam color, I was applying a second coat as it was too opaque. "Can you like, chill? I'm waiting for my computer to load!" A voice from the other line groaned. "Cam, I swear you have the slowest computer ever. You need to upgrade." I said to the other voice on the line. Camellia, cam for short, my blood sister and best friend! She's everything to me, she's like my twin; we do everything together and we like the same stuff except she has had plenty of boyfriends and the only boyfriends I had existed in my dreams. "Excuse me, it's a Mac book! The only reason why it's slow is because so many prepubescent teens are trying to get tickets!" She yelled out, we were trying to get tickets for One Direction. Our latest obsession.
  4. One Direction. They were absolutely yummy! They were what everyone was talking about; it's a British boy band created by Simon Cowell on the UK version of X-Factor. The boys auditioned separately but in order for them to complete, they became a group and it was the most ingenious idea ever! My thoughts were disrupted as an ear wrenching scream rang through the phone. I nearly dropped the phone and spilled the nail polish all over my hardwood floor. "What!? What!? PLEASE TELL ME-" "WHO IS YOUR GOD!? I JUST GOT SEATS FOR ONE DIRECTION! YOU'RE WELCOME!" I immediately shot out of my chair and screamed, I was jumping up and down and screaming. My Mom came at least two minutes after telling me to cut it out. I stopped but I couldn't hold in my excitement. "You are the best friend ever! Where are our seats?" There was a pause and I was having trouble differentiating whether she was making it suspenseful because we had good seats or she didn't want to be the bearer of bad news. "Cam..." "Section 305, Row 18, Seat 6 and 7." Translation? Nose bleed seats.
  5. "What the hell..." I said pissed off, Cam sensed my voice "Woah, who just pissed in your cheerio's''?" It was better than nothing I guess but then she had more news. "HOLY CRAP, ______ GET READY NOW AND I'LL PICK YOU UP IN THE NEXT 10 MINUTES! WE ARE GOING TO THE AIRPORT! ONE DIRECTION IS ABOUT TO LAND! I JUST GOT A TWEET! LET'S GO!" She immediately hanged up and it didn't even take a second till I put on some decent pants and rushed out the door. I briefly told my parents where I was going but they know when I'm like this, it means it's related to my teen obsessions. I put on some make up, just a bit; typical concealer, blush and eye make-up. Within less than a few minutes, Cam rolled into my driveway with her mom who looked displeased behind the wheel. "Thanks for the ride, Mrs. Knight..." She didn't say anything once I got in the car and buckled my seatbelt. "LET'S GO!" Cam screamed.
  6. Traffic was hell; we were only in downtown when Cam got another text saying they just checked into a hotel near our area. We got out of the car in the middle of the street at a red stop light, I thought Cam's mom would object but if it meant us out of the car, she didn't care. We walked over to the sidewalk and started walking around the district. "Which Hotel do you think they're in?" Cam asked as she was checking Twitter with her BlackBerry Bold 9700. "Just find the hotel swarmed with girls." Immediately, after walking 5 minutes, one of the hotels had a huge group of girls singing "What Makes You Beautiful" looking up. Cam and I exchanged a look and did our typical handshake, a fist pound, slapping both sides of our hands and giving a sassy snap. We then turned to the hotel where the girls were being handled by employees to leave; from our position we saw a black van turn into the underground hotel parking lot with tinted windows. Cam nudged me but I already knew and let's just say Cam's plans weren't the best.
  7. We were by the entrance of the parking lot. "This isn't going to work." I said pacing back and forth looking out into the streets, Cam with her lace shirt, demine shorts and gladiator sandals smiled; she tucked a piece of her golden brown hair behind her ears as her blue eyes sparkled. "Wait for it." She said following my gaze, a white 2001 Mercedes turned into the parking lot. What we did was outrageous but we did it and it worked. We crouched down and walked beside the Mercedes where the driver and the employee valet couldn't see us; once they let the car in, we ducked into the shadows and used a stealthy approach to the elevator.
  8. Once we were in the elevator, our best guess was the top floor. I was nervous; my hands were clammy and sweaty as I watched the elevator lights tint as we approached a floor. My heart would stop when it took more than two seconds on a floor because I thought we would get caught. We arrived on the 24th floor and there was no one in sight, we walked into the hallway and checked every turn and back every once in a while in case we spot someone. From a distance, we heard voices; we immediately panicked. Cam was in the front and she bumped into me, we fumbled till we directed into one direction (Hah! I love puns) We turned back into the hallway where the elevator was, the voices were getting stronger and we turned around to see it was a cleaning lady talking to her co-worker. Cam swore and I just prayed the elevator quickly came or that one of these rooms were open. The elevator took its sweet time and the voices were probably just seconds away; when the elevator door chimed, from the doors it was security. "Hey, what are you girls doing here?" Cam was slapping my arm "____, run! Run!" Cam ran in the other direction and I quickly took off in the opposite one. "HEY! COME BACK HERE!" One of the Security guards called out.
  9. I was swerving down the halls, dodging guest that exited their rooms; I could hear the footsteps of a heavy man following my trail. If they were on my tail this fast, Cam is bound to get caught. Luckily, the Security Guard wasn't as lucky as he bumped into one of the guest; I got the advantage as I turned into two halls ways, I began to slow down as I tried to listen if anyone was following. No one. I gave a sigh of relief; I rested my back on one of the doors and checked my watch. It took us one hour to get here, 40 minutes to wait for a car and at least 5-10 minute running from Security. I tilted my head back and the door swung open. I let out a yelp and have my face greet a carpeted floor.
  10. And this is where the story began; "What are you doing here!?" A strong British accent rung in my ears as my face touched the carpeted floor. I brought my head up and laughed; I tucked a piece of hair behind my ears and smiled. "Oops, wrong room." I said as I blushed, this was no accident. I purposely took a wrong turn. "Well?" The one with spiky black hair asked. "Cute story." I laughed but they didn't look amuse. "Okay, now it's cute." I could hear the sound of Walkie Talkies from the hall; I shot up and closed the door. "Excuse me?" I turned around and my eyes met the eyes of a spiky blond hair blue eyed man. "I think you better explain yourself." A dark brown curly hair boy demanded with his strong British accent. Two other boys joined, one with messy brown hair and one with curly dirty blond hair. Yup. I just fell into One Direction's room. This is one to tell my parents back home.
  11. Hi guys, this is my One Direction love series, I know there is another one out. I'm not trying to compete, I was asked to make one by @ketine11 and I told her that I would do it! I just got around to it now! I hope you enjoyed; the results are in a working progress so for now, you just have to bear with the given results. If you like this; you can check my blog natuhleegp(.)tumblr(.)com and see if a new edition has been released. Please comment and rate! (:

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