Your Love is a Lie *Part 1*

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I've noticed that the normal love story is rushed to the romance and there is not so much of an introduction. They also are all about love between boy and girl.

I tried making a very different love story. About abuse, hardships, and the ups and downs of love. I hope you like it and I get lots of feedback! Enjoy!

Created by: PurpleCherries
  1. I wake up on the floor of the cold, dark basement. I can hear Father shouting at Mother again. *BANG!* I hear her crying.
  2. I quickly grab my bag near my cot and exit through the side garage door. I wish I could stand up for Mother. I really do... I don't have time to brush my teeth or hair but I am able to grab my hidden 5 dollars.
  3. Well I guess that's enough to buy some lunch. I walk to school and tuck my hands in my pockets, trying hard to keep warm. I'm looking down the whole time. I don't want anyone to notice me.
  4. A few people driving by in their cars stare for a moment but I don't mind. I'm used to it. I approach the school and breathe in then out. I hope I will survive another day of pure torture.
  5. As I walk through the halls, I see people look me up and down. I just roll my eyes and keep walking. I wish I could tell them the truth so that I could be accepted. It's just so hard. I guess this is helping me with my patience... Anyways, I walk into my class (early, again) and I sit down in my usual spot at the back. As minutes pass, seats are all filled. All of them, except the one next to me of course.
  6. A new boy walks in the door. I can't tell if he's been here for a long time or if it's just the first time I've seen him. I see him looking at the seat next to me and frown. I look away out of embarassment. He clearly doesn't like me. The new boy slowly sits next to me but avoids eye contact. I understand.
  7. He introduces himself. "Hey, I'm Lucas." "Hey," I respond. I do NOT want to talk to this "Lucas." He looks away and pretends to be taking notes. I see him looking at me. Hmm... I wonder what he's up to.
  8. As the bell rings and everyong is going to lunch, we accidentally bump each other. "No problem," I say and quickly walk off. No need for this to get any more awkward than it already is. He looks around confused and I kind of feel bad for him. I guess I should help him find the cafeteria... but it'd be weird. Nevermind. I keep walking. As I walk into the cafeteria, I buy some lunch with the money I have and sit by myself. Once again.
  9. A few minutes into eating my lunch, I see him walk through the doors. He looks at me and the empty table. As we gain eye contact he looks away. Hoping he will sit with me, he doesn't. He simply walks to another table of guys who quickly accept him.
  10. As I finish my lunch I quietly sneak off of school campus. No one seems to care if I'm alive or dead anyway. I don't know where to go. Maybe home? Sure, why not? I just hope Father is away right now.
  11. After the long walk home, I walk through the side garage door. I walk up the hard stairs and open the door. As I look around, I see Mother on the couch. I notice all the marks she has around her body. Bruises mostly. Under her eyes, on her legs, arms. She also has a few cuts near her mouth and on her hands. I wonder if they are fresh.
  12. Sorry, that's all I'm making for now. Tell me if you like it, hate it, love it, whatever. I need all the feedback I can get!

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Quiz topic: My Love is a Lie *Part 1*