Emo Love Story Part 3

Hai! So...yerp, here's #3! Sorry I took so long, loaded wiff homework]: anywayzz,,hope you like this one! worked hard on it(= ughm, well i need 25 moreletters...that does it!(=

anyway, have a happy holiday and thanks for being a regular taker of Emo Love Story! okies- Adam got in trouble for showing you the butterfly garden, and someone grabbed you before you walked in the cafeteria. Enjoy! (=

Created by: oMgiTsaNaIs
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  1. You open your eyes and find out that it's.....Joseph! He laughs and gives you a peck on the lips. "Just seeing your face makes me feel better." He walks away "Wait!", you say. He turns around. "Oh...I don't eat in the cafeteria anymore...I'm always sitting alone, so I just sit outside and eat on the bench. "You can come if you want!", he says with a smile. You:
  2. After lunch, you head off to 4th bell- cooking class! You look at your map and head off to class. On the way, you see through the glass windows of the office Adam, sitting all alone.
  3. You decide to get his attention. He looks up at you and you see his face brighten up. "_______! You're here!" Some lady walks up to you and says, "Can I help you?", in a rude tone. You sweetly reply, "Yes, Adam needs to be released, he has an important exam to take." She shrugs and you thought you heard her say, "whatever, gets him off my back."You slightly smile and she opens the office door, leaving you and Adam alone in the hall.
  4. You decide to head off to your cooking class, since it's your first day and you don't want to get a bad reputation. You enter the room, filled with girls gossiping. The one girl everyone was crowding around came up to you. "Hi, I'm Emily! And you are?" "I'm ______. It seems like you're well known here?", you say in a friendly tone. Her smiling face turned into a smirk. "Seems like you're familiar with that guy...Chris?" She said his name as if it were frozen ice, just waiting to bite. She tries to keep seeming friendly and starts playing with your hair a little. "Well...you might wanna stay away from him. He's not as good as you think he is. I'm just telling you straight up, so no drama happens." There's something up with this girl, it seems she's not telling the complete truth...
  5. As the bell rings, she waves st you and goes back to her seat. She beckons to the seat next to her, and you accept her invite and put your things down on the desk next to hers. The teacher, Ms.Lilly, explains you'll be making simple chocolate chip cookies today. She tells you to get a partner and start cooking, and Emily automatically picks you. While the cookies bake, you ask her something: "So what's so bad aboyt Chris?" Her happy smile turns into a straight face. "Oh honey, I'm glad you're hearing this from me. Well, he dated 2 girls at once last year, in the 7th grade he skipped school half of the year, he's gotten in juvie twice, and gotten in a gang fight. Should I go on...?" You were shocked! You shook your head sadly, you could tell she was loving this. You tried to appear like you didn't care. You sent Chris a quick text:
  6. The bell rang, and you grabbed some cookies for the way home. You rushed through 5th and 6th bell, when at the end of the day, Chris sent you back a text: Let me explain while I walk you home? You said alright, and when you got to the front of the school he told you everything. It turned out Emily lied...she just wanted to keep you away from Chris for herself. She used to be obsessed with him, and the whole school knew it...guess she still is.
  7. He gets a text from his mom that he's getting a ride home, so he can't walk you. You walk on the street alone to find...William! His face lights up when he sees you, and he greets you with a great kiss."I haven't seen you around today...walk you home?"
  8. You agree and he begins to walk with you. Suddenly, some random guy tackles you to the ground and all you see is blackness.
  9. CLIFFHANGER ! Promiseee it will be longer and in a shorter amountof time! Bai guise, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS[:
  10. Okies last question! Who do you love?

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