The end (part three)

THE END PART THREE Your first attack!!!! You have been tracking and training for this moment. Includes Flashbacks and Action.So try Part Three of The End!!!!!!!

Continue your story and find out which of the three guys you'll end up likeing. Jo the leader, Jake the muscle or Kyle the hunter.It's all up to you!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Louise

  1. 2 weeks later: The cool breeze blows softly against your cheek. You shiver but not because of the cold. Kyle had warned you that tonight wouldn't be anything like your training. You sit and wait for the signal. "Are you alright, you looking a bit pale." Jo asks. He is crouching beside you in a dark blue hoodie, His blond hair blowing slightly in the breeze. He smiles at you. "You can always sit out if you want. No one would blame you." He offers. You groan internally because you know how true his words are. "Thanks but no thanks" you whisper back to him as you think
  2. "You know you don't look so good yourself." You replied. Jo made a face. You replay the words back in your head and realised what they could have meant. "Jo, you know I didn't mean it like that" you appeal. "No it's not that, I think I'm going to be sick."He turns away as you try not to listen. When he turns back, his cheeks are blazing but you can't tell if it's because he's embarrassed or because he is really sick because he feels another wave of nausea and turns away. "Jo, are you sure you're alright?" you ask anxiously. "Yeah, I'll be fine", he replies. He grins weakly at you, and you return the smile. The radio crackled. "Hello, hello, can you guys hear me?" Kyle's voice comes out of the radio. You pick up the transmitter. "Loud and clear." You reply. "Right," Kyle's voice was sharp and quick "We have one shot at this, if we muck this up we run and meet up at the house" Jo turned away. You try not to listen, unfortunately, Kyle does. "Is everything alright over there?" he asks. "Jo's just having some last minute nerves" You grin. You hear Jake chuckle. "Well tell him to get his act together" Kyle's voice like a whip. "We don't have time for this. Jo are you in or are you out?" You silently hope for
  3. "˜I'm in." Jo's voice was rough. "Good" Kyle's voice was slightly relived. "You know the drill; we surprise them by coming in on both sides. ____________, your job is to pick of the ones with guns before we move in, then switch to your standard knife to save on ammo. I am going to slip into the camp unnoticed and take down any aliens with guns or other long-range weapons. When my presence has been noticed move in for the kill. If the plan works, there will be less than half of them left." It occurs to you that the plan seems very simple but when you voice this idea, Kyle laughs, "______________, simple plans have less chance of going wrong than more complex plans." Jo buts in then "How many are there?" The radio goes quite. "Well" Jo demands. "There are 20 of then at least" Kyle's voice was barley a whisper. The silence was deadening. Even if you and Kyle take out half of their force before you even charged you would still be outnumbered badly. You are shaking.
  4. Jo notices and grabs your hand. "Don't worry." He whispers. "If it gets heavy we'll run like the chickens we are" he joked. You manage a weak grin. "If we live that long." You reply. Jo's face turned hard. "You will get out, I promise." He vowed. The speaker crackled buck to life and jakes furious voice boomed out. "If you two lovebirds have finished" he spat the words out withy such hostility it made you jump. "We have a job to do." You know you have a job to do but you are hurt by his words. Kyle's voice came back on. "Jakes right we all have a job to do so let's get on and do it." Kyle's tone wasn't Jakes outright hostility but you can hear deep pangs of sadness underneath his seriousness. You think
  5. "Everyone lets go." Kyle voice sounded "Good Luck Everyone." You pull out the gun and loaded a full clip of ammo as you prepare for the fight.
  6. You hear the campsite before you see it. You hear 20 voices singing. You remember a time when you used to sing, long ago. You used to have a family too. Sometimes they'd sing along with you. You remember the special family occasions where you would all celebrate together. You remember Christmas, Birthdays and New Year's eves that seem an eternity ago and you suddenly feel a pang of regret. You would never see them again. You are about to break down when Jo shakes you. "______________, we have a job to do" he reminds you not uncaringly, you realise he right and continued forward. The first thing you spot is their bonfire. They are all sitting around it. You feel a sense of foreboding, every atom of your being is telling you to run, to flee but you fight the fear and start searching for any of them who are armed with guns.
  7. You spot 4 straight away. You aim for the closest (a guard) and fire. The gun jerks violently in your hand. The bhug slumps to the ground dead. No one notices, they are too busy sing their alien songs. You just killed your first living thing. You had killed in the war but they were shooting back then. You are given no time to think about it because the bhugs had decided to change guards and they will notice the dead body. You aim and fire 3 times, each one hitting their mark. This time the remaining bhug notice and run towards your hiding place.
  8. You spot Kyle at the back of the group running towards you as he slit the throat of the bhug in front of him. You feel a bit sick as you watch the bhug fell to the ground. You realise that they are now very close so you fire twice before switching to your knife. You see Jake burst from the trees by the fire as you run towards the bhugs ready to attack.
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