An Adventure part 10.

Here is part 10, and sorry that I've been taking so long. I'll seriously try to speed things up a little bit. Thanks everyone for your comments, most of them have been very helpful.

sorry if this part is a little weird. lol. I am trying to get past the boring traveling part. cause that's what you've been doing for the last few parts... and as a refesher (even though they don't use your name in this part) your name is Imma. kay?

Created by: Alegna

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  1. As you are driving on, and Tilar is holding your hand, the horses suddenly rear up.
  2. Tilar swings himself down from the wagon and draws his bow. you didn't know he could fight!he yells at you, "stay there. if you get in the back it'll be easier for them to grab you." suddenly you see what he has already seen. there are three large birds coming towards you. They have Black wings, and a dark dark blue body, and large talons. What is truly scary is the intelligence that they are looking at you with.
  3. you throw up a shield spell around Tilar, and quickly use your hearing power to see if you can hear where Maddox and Aiden are so you can get help. to your horror you hear something totally unexpected. you hear Maddox yelling "Aiden, Aiden you can't turn her in, you can't! Don't you know, he'll kill her!"
  4. you grab your sword, and swing yourself down from the wagon to join Tilar. He looks at despair at you. "if you're lost, I'll never forgive myself. please please get back into the wagon!"
  5. you ignore Tilar, and shout "WIZLEM!" Wizlem comes barreling out of the cart, and is yelling bloody murder. This is very startling to not only the birds, but you as well. You start fighting, and it is easy for you. Not that you are very good, you aren't, but you can recognize where you should aim your sword, and how strong the birds are. soon there is only one left, but he seems to be the strongest, and the smartest. The bird takes off, and you sigh with relief. Then you see Wizlem's and Tilar's horrified faces.
  6. suddenly you feel something grabbing your shoulders, and your sword drops out of your hand. you look up to see the last bird has got you in it's talons. You look back down, to see that you are already to far from the ground to be able to fall safely.
  7. soon you are flying very fast, very high... away from the campsite. after hours of flying, the bird comes to a tower, and sticks you on top of it. the tower is like a tall stick of rock, and then it is hollowed out a little on top, to high to jump, and the walls are to high to climb anyway.
  8. even though you are terrified, you quickly fall asleep on the hard rock. When you wake up, A starteling change has come over the tower. The rock is no longer black and rough, it is now white and smooth. There is a bed, dresser, rugs, and a table and chair as well.
  9. then two people walk in. A tall, thin old lady, and a short, fat-ish young girl. The girl walks over to the wardrobe and opens it. Then she takes out a beautiful dress. What color is it?
  10. The old lady takes the dress, and starts to put it on you. You try to ask her why she is doing this, where you are, and why you're here, but you can't say anything. it's as if a spell is... come to think of it, this seems just like a spell. You sigh, in your head, and let the old lady dress you. When you are dressed, she leaves, and the girl comes over and starts doing your hair.
  11. sorry this part was a little weird. End of part 10!! did you like it?

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