An Adventure part 8.

ok ok ok, sorry for the wait for this one. here is part eight of "An Adventure." thank you for everyone who commented, I could really use more suggestions.

alright. Here is part eight which people have been bugging me for. (you know who you are.) don't worry, it makes me feel like people like my quizzes.

Created by: Alegna

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  1. you deside to leave the question about what to do with Aiden and Maddox for the morning, and you go to sleep. in the morning you wake up, and go behind a tree to get dressed. While you are there, you try to use your powers again, and even though its not as clearly, you can definatly hear Tilar talking about breakfast, which a normal human wouldn't be able to do, because he is out of earshot.
  2. when you come out from the tree, you walk up to Aiden, and say "I am taking over your scouting position." you see all the guy's horrified faces, except...
  3. Maddox's. you gulp. "I am going to do this whether you let me or not." you say stubbornly. "I am not going to let you push me around. " Maddox sighs. "she will be safe with me." you nod, ever so slightly at Wizlem, who steps on Tilar's foot. you wince mentally, that must hurt.
  4. Tilar winces, sighs, and turns around. he walks up to the wagon and gets in. "Come on." says Maddox. "we have to scout for danger, to keep you safe."
  5. after you get far away, Maddox stops. "I know that you want to tell me something." he says. "what is it?"
  6. "I heard you talking the other night." he stiffens. "I was far enough away I thought you couldn't hear..." you shake your head. "I guess I get powers from being 'the one.'" he sighs. "alright, do you really want me to tell you?" you nod your head. "well, tonight, kay? right now we are supposed to be scouting."
  7. that night... "ok, Imma (me: yes, people, your name is Imma.) are you ready to hear the story?"
  8. "I am part of the brotherhood. you have probably already guessed that. however, I was not as pure as you are supposed to be in the brotherhood. they kicked me out. I was so angry that they did, that I swore I would do everything I could to get revenge. so I went to the wizard. he understood, or so it seemed. he took me in. life was good, until he told me that I had to get you. no biggy, I thought it would be a little pure brat of a boy who I could get rid of without feeling sorry, but then he showed me your picture."
  9. he continued. "I couldn't do it. I begged and begged the wizard to let me off, but he didn't do it. I couldn't do it, because, well, because I think your my sister." you laugh, and then seeing the expression on his face, you stop.
  10. he laughs. "well, at least you look just like her. anyway, I was sent on the mission, and Aiden was also sent. The brotherhood didn't know about Aiden, cause they hadn't kicked him out." one second, you say. "if you aren't part of the brotherhood anymore, why do these people let you join them?" he laughs. "good question. you see, I was kicked out after they left, so they don't know." you stand up abruptly and say "so basically everything you have told us is a lie." he stands up too, and says "I am so so sorry." and he gives you a hug. even if you hate him, it feels good to hug someone.
  11. alright, thats it for part eight. how do you think of it so far?

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