An Adventure part 5.

Hello! This is An Adventure part 5. thanks for everyone who rated, and especially to people who commented. your suggestions are very helpful, most of the time, lol.

here is part five. when we last left off you saw your brother's house going up in flames. you had been studying with Wizlem. sorry that Aiden isn't in this one much, but he will be in the next one.

Created by: Alegna
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  1. you twirl around, and the house is going up in flames! before Wizlem can do anything, you are sprinting towards the burning house.
  2. suddenly you stop moving. it is very strange. you realize that Wizlem is keeping you away from the fire. Without knowing how you do it, you cast a spell, and you can move. the problem is, it sucks most of your energy out, and you faint.
  3. when you wake up you are lying on the grass, and someone is holding your hand. you look up and see it is Tilar.
  4. he looks concerned. "Imma, are you alright?" "yes," you say "just a little bit tired." "you nearly died." he says, as he keeps you from sitting up. "the others are putting the fire out, but since they think I'm useless, I was sent to take care of you."
  5. you try to sit up again, and Tilar pushes you back down. "lay. it will take some time to recover. Wizlem says he has never heard that spell before, so we don't know what the effects will be." you sigh, this is getting really weird. Tilar looks over his shoulder, and then back at you and says "I think that that is dragon fire, but of course no one believes me."
  6. "I believe you." you say. his eyes light up. "if you believe me, then chances are the others will take me seriously."
  7. "I think I'm going to go back to sleep, if thats ok with you." you say. "of course," he says. "I'll be right here, making sure nothing harms you. he reaches down, kisses you, and then blushes again. you pretend to be asleep.
  8. even though you hadn't meant to actually fall asleep, you do, and when you wake up you are in a wagon.
  9. As it bounces around, you sit up and say "hello?" suddenly Aiden appears next to you. "we are going to town to get some adventuring gear." suddenly the wagon stops, and you hear Wizlem curse. then you hear someone yell for you to get down! who is it?
  10. ok, thats it for part five. please comment and rate. thanks.

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