A wooded life, into the trees

An adventure that seems like forever will change the path of the whole world! what will happin next? an adventure that has a suprize around every courner

i bet you can't wait to meet the other two friends....and the village people who include your enime! the old king is such a stich but you have to wait until part two for that!

Created by: Sylvia

  1. Your parents call you down from your room. They sit you down and are about to ask you a question that will change your life.
  2. "Your dad and I think it would be best if you went on an adventure before living on your own. Your dad and i both did it when we where young.
  3. You are going to go into the woods and live there until you can find what you are looking for... You will be by your self until you are redy.
  4. you packed your bags and waved to your mom and dad as you walked down the road to your feauture.what will you do next?
  5. The sky turnes black and you still havent found the town(you shoulden't have gone off the path)you hear a sound behind you....
  6. "Well hi! i don't mean to harm you, honest!" *you scrunch your eyebrows* "so...where you headed"
  7. well sure i'll come! nobody wants to travel alone! the name's Albert" Albert has light brown hair with the lightest blue eyes you have ever seen.
  8. "well nice to meet you two. my mom wants me out og the house so she gave me my bags and pushed me out the door! kinda funny...right!
  9. we best be gitting to sleep now! i guess your right... you mumble a few words in your sleep what where they?
  10. "what was that?" says Albert "um...nothing ha...ha" good night! Albert starts to think your a freak! what do you do..?

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