An Adventure part 2.

if you haven't done part one, this isn't gonna make much sense. please go to An Adventure 4 Girls ONLY to take the first section of your adventure. sorry there isn't much adventure, but there should be more in the next one, if I even make a next one. lol.

please comment and tell me what you think. also, if you could rate, that would be good too. If you have any ideas, or want me to make more, comment, lol. enjoy!

Created by: Alegna

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  1. "QUIET!" you shout. all of a sudden everything stops. they are all staring at you. which one catches your eye, if any?
  2. you take a deep breath and say "what the heck are you people doing here, where did you come from, who are you, and were you the ones with the horse?" which quesiton do you want answered first?
  3. the one with the brown hair sighs. first, let me introduce us, then when we tell the story it will make more sense.
  4. "This is Aiden" he says, as he points to the blond. Aiden grunts. "This is Tilar" he says, pointing to the shy white haired boy. Tilar blushes, and says "sorry we ran you over." "and I'm Wizlem."
  5. ok. here is our story. (be prepared, its long.) "my *cough* friends *cough* and I are looking for 'the one'. You may not know this, but in the south there is an evil wizard called Sandoran. according to a prophet, a certain person, 'the one' will be able to stop him. you with me so far?"
  6. you nod. "well, we all belong to a brotherhood, and the leaders chose us to go find 'the one.' I think I already mentioned that. the reason we were chosen to go together is because of our talents. I'm a wizard, Aiden is a warrior, and, well, we aren't quite sure what Tilar is good at yet." you look at Tilar, and he is looking at the ground. "anyway, we accidentally ran over you, sorry. A message came from the brotherhood that 'the one' would be here, and it would be the first person we encountered."
  7. "obviously we thought it would be a boy, since the message had come to our BROTHERHOOD and not the SISTERHOOD." you nod, this makes sense. "but then you were the first person we encountered, and we saw the sign which would be on 'the one'." he points to your leg. you gasp, your dress has been ripped all the way up to your waist on one side.
  8. "whats the sign?" you ask. Aiden rolls his eyes and says "duh, look at your thigh!" you look. it has a scar, what is it in the shape of?
  9. "the scar?" you ask. Wizlem nods. "you want to know how I got this?" you ask again. he looks at you and nods, slowly this time. "I was climbing a tree and I fell down and got a giant cut in this shape on my leg." he looks at his companions quietly. they all stare at you.
  10. alright thats it. hate me? course ya don't. cause I make lame quizzes, lol.

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