An Adventure part 3.

here is part three. this is really not going to make any sense what so ever if you haven't done the first two parts. thanks for everyone who has commented with encouraging words, especially starfire3.

will you finally get to know more about 'the one', how you got your scar, and what will go on with the boy situation? I dunno, I think its different for everyone, but I hope you do.

Created by: Alegna

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  1. they stare at you. you look back at them, and finally say "what?" Tilan clears his throat. you look at him surprised, you had assumed that Wizlem would be explaining. he clears his throat again and says "you actually believe that crap?"
  2. "if thats not true, what is?" you say, puzzled. suddenly you hear your brother's wife's voice. "DINNER!!!!" Tilar sighs. "If you can wait that long, I'll tell you the truth after dinner.
  3. before you get a chance to say anything, the boys walk away, and you are left to change out of your torn and wet dress. after you get dressed you walk down to dinner. when you get there everyone stops talking.
  4. after dinner you expect everyone to come back into your room to talk, so it takes you by surprise when Tilar walks over to you and says "lets go out to the garden."
  5. when you walk out to the garden its already dark. you can't really see much of anything. Suddenly you get scared. "Tilar!" you call. "I'm right here Imma." you sigh with relief. "are you ready to hear the story?"
  6. he grabbs your hand and leads you over to the bench. then he sits down, and motions (or so you suppose, you can't really see him) for you to sit as well. you sit down, and he gently takes your hand.
  7. "the truth?" you reminded him. He seemed to need reminding, he was just staring at your hand in his. "yes, the truth. According to what the prophet said, you have gotten your scar from a knife." this sounded so ordinary, you had to say...
  8. he sighed. "it does sound a bit ordinary, but just wait." you do. "it was a magic blade..." "HA!" you laugh. he blushes. "well, actually it wasn't. it was a normal knife, but it wasn't used for good intentions. what those intentions were, we still don't know."
  9. you are about to get up, but before you do Tilar says "please don't go." he does release you hand though.
  10. he looks up, and says "I haven't had anyone listen to me for a long time. everyone thinks I'm this big joke, that the leader of the brotherhood felt sorry for me and thats why they put me on this mission." his shoulders deflate. "I do have a power, but its not super powerful, like Wizlem's."
  11. "I can communicate with animals." suddenly Aiden's voice calls out. "Imma, Imma, IMMMMMMMMMAAAA!" "I had better go." you say. before you can turn away though, Tilar kisses your hand, and then drops it, stands up and walks away.
  12. quickly you run towards Aiden's voice. "what is it Aiden?" he smiles. "ooh, I was missing you."
  13. "cool." you say. he quickly kisses you.
  14. ok, so by now you are really tired of these weird guys just kissing you. you walk into the house, and go to bed. how are you liking the quizzes?

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