An Adventure part 6.

This is part six of my series of quizzes. if you haven't done the first five, this is not going to make sense. the first one is called An Adventure. 4 girls ONLY. please comment and/or rate. thanks.

when we last left off the wagon you were in was being attacked, by something. you were being yelled at to get down. I hope you enjoy part six, part seven will be out eventually.

Created by: Alegna

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  1. "get down!" Tilar shouted! there are goblins attacking the wagon! of course you don't listen, because he doesn't know how good at sword fighting you are. you jump to the ground and you see goblins, small, yellow warty things with rusty armor, and twisted knifes. what do you think?
  2. you realize that you are outnumbered. ten to one. suddenly a goblin notices you and attacks. you swing your sword around and chop it's head off. Tilar looks at you in amazment. then, while he isn't looking, a goblin stabs his leg with his knife.
  3. before you can do anything a man drops out of the sky and starts fighting. he has black hair, hard blue eyes, and he is tall.
  4. you run over to Tilar, and stand in front of him to keep the goblins from killing him. after you finish, the stranger says "we had better start moving." "what is your name?" you ask. "Maddox. lets get this lump into the cart." he says as he kicks Tilar.
  5. before he can touch Tilar, you say "elevado" and Tilar rises from the floor. Maddox stares at you with amazment. you blush. the other two come running over. "Maddox. didn't expect you to be here." says Wizlem. he is looking at Maddox coldly. so is Aiden. "I wasn't expecting to see you for five days." "what are you talking about?" says Wizlem.
  6. Aiden turns. and laughs. then he says "I arranged for him to come here. now lets take care of Tilar." Maddox grunts. "you know I don't take your orders, Aiden. and anyway, 'the one's' beauty pulled me to her."
  7. you move Tilar into the cart and grab the medical things. then you sit down and help bandage his leg. when you are halfway done he opens his eyes and says
  8. then he smiles at you. "I'm sorry I got hit, I just wasn't paying attention." you roll your eyes. "yeah, next time, don't tell me to get down." his smile fades and his shoulders deflate.
  9. its getting late and you go to bed. that night you have a dream. you are standing on a tall tower and there is fire all around you. Tilar and Wizlem are trying to get to you, but they can't. you see a young man's face appear in the fire, and he says "morrer. Eu ordea-te, morrer no lume. morrer e deixar seus amigos sen esperanza." then everything goes dark in your mind.
  10. alright, thats the end of part six. please comment. how are you liking the quiz(zes) so far?

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