An Adventure part 7.

Welcome to number seven of "An Adventure". Thank you so so so much everyone who commented. I think that you people who said that I need to work Wizlem into it more shall be happy with this one, though Aiden still isn't in it much.

When we left off you just had a scary dream with someone yelling 'morrer. Eu ordea-te, morrer no lume. morrer e deixar seus amigos sen esperanza.'. please comment at the end.

Created by: Alegna

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  1. you wake up screaming. Wizlem is sitting next to you, worried. "is everything ok?" he asks. "yes, I'm just fine." you say. "I just had this weird dream." instead of this clearing his concience, as you meant it to do, it seems to trouble him more. "what was it about?" he asks.
  2. you start, squinting your eyes as you try to remember. "I was standing on the top of a tower. there was fire all around. you and Tilar were trying to get me down, but you couldn't. I saw a face in the fire, and it said 'morrer. Eu ordea-te, morrer no lume. morrer e deixar seus amigos sen esperanza.'" Wizlem's face turns pale. "you know what those words mean?" he asks you in a hoarse whisper. you shake your head.
  3. he is very pale now, and you are starting to get a little worried. "they mean ''die. I ordered it, dying in fire. and let your friends die without hope. " he gulps. "I think that definatly means that you are 'the one'."
  4. you shiver. Wizlem notices and says "are you cold, or am I freaking you out?" "oh... I'm just cold." he rummages around in a chest which is the wagon and pulls out a blanket. you take it and put it on. then you hear Maddox's voice talking to Aiden.
  5. you creep over to where the noise is coming from. apparently Wizlem can't hear it, because he says
  6. well, he says "what is it?" you say "shhhhhh." then you listen. you hear Aiden say "the wizard..." then Maddox "you shouldn't bring them..." "but we had a deal..... Gold..." "yes but.... the one... we can't."
  7. you very quietly whisper "Wizlem, come here." he slowly creeps towards you. "I heard Aiden and Maddox talking. they sounded like they were arguing about whether they are taking me to the wizard. they said they had a deal." Wizlem stares at you. "thats impossible."
  8. whatever you say, this is how he replys. "they are about a mile away, scouting. techinchally it would be impossible to hear them without using a very very very powerful hearing spell. did you cast one?" "no." you say, you haven't even gotten close!
  9. "but I heard them!" you say. "I believe you," he says, taking your hand. "it might be that you have special powers since you are 'the one'. Or you accidentally cast a hearing spell, but that is highly unlikely." he is still holding your hand. he leans forwards and gives you a peck on the cheek. "whatever happens, I will try to help you."
  10. then you see Tilar looking at you, saddness on his face. Wizlem notices him as well, and blushes. you climb into the front seat with Tilar.
  11. you tell Tilar what you heard, and he nodds. "I have heard them saying things like that as well, but I thought it was just my imagination. have you told Wizlem?" you nod. "I think we have a traitor in our midst." he says. "though whether it is Aiden, or Maddox, I don't know." you notice he fairly spits out Maddox's name, as if it has a bad flavor.
  12. alright, thats it for part seven, please comment and rate. thanks. how are you liking the quiz?

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