The end (part two)

This is part 2 to THE END. In this part of the story we meet a new charater who will become a huge part of your survival.You find out that the newcomer likes you. Who will YOU fall for?

You have been alone for 5 years running from the aliens. You have met 2 brothers who have invited you to come with them. While the brothers are collecting firewood an elite alien found you alone and defenceless

Created by: Louise

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  1. The Grwil smiles at you. Your hand automatically flies down to you hip as you prepare for the inevitable fight. Your dagger isn’t there it’s with all your other stuff outside of the hut. The Grwil smirks at that. You can’t help but feel that it is unfair to nearly be killed, be saved to be killed now. “You humans are so stupid!” The harsh voice echoed off the white walls of the house. “He just left you here after waking up anything within a 1km radius.” You stare at him feeling pure fear. His smile turned gloating, “maybe it was his good luck that he left.” He paused and considered going after him. You look around for a decent weapon, if you were going down you would do your best to kill him first. “He’ll come back here.” The Grwil realised, “he’ll come here with his brother and they both die.” He stalked towards the table and flung it over. You back away from him franticly looking for something to defend yourself with. The Grwil kept up the advance then suddenly stopped. A figure appeared in the doorway.
  2. The figure began to walk towards the Grwil. As he gets closer, his features become more defined. He is of medium built has soot black hair that he obviously doesn’t pay much thought to. His eyes are shockingly bright green and a perfect contrast to his hair. He calmly walks towards the frozen Grwil and removes the long thin blade of a throwing knife. His expression is odd a mixture of hate, concentration and anger. After striping the dead body of all food, equipment and weapons he turns towards you. You say
  3. “Thanks you saved my life.” You stammer. “Don’t worry about it” the says his voice rough but steady. The door burst open an Jo and Jake burst in.
  4. “We heard you scream” Jo cut off as he saw the stranger who just saved you. He pulled out his sword assuming that this was the unknown treat that made you scream. Jake did the same. You
  5. No one pays you any attention. Until you step in between them and force them to listen to you explain . Jo and Jake were astounded at the stranger’s ability to kill Grwils. They didn’t like how I was defending him at all. After id finished they wanted to talk to the stranger. “Who are you?” Jake demanded. The stranger tilted his head and stared at Jake “I go by many names.” He answered simply. “Let me see your arm” Jake snarled. The stranger sighed. In all the commotion, you hadn’t been able to check if your saviour was human or not. “Well” Jakes eyes narrowed. “It’s self inflicted but is too wide too be a bhugs scar.” The stranger explained. “It helps me to blend in.” He rolled up his sleeve to reveal a long thick scar from his hand to his elbow. Jo spoke for the first time “Leave him Jake” His tone surprises you. Jo was always slightly happy, now his voice was hard and bleak even the stranger noted it. “____________ stay here with our guest while I talk to my brother” you could tell neither brother was happy with Jo’s decision but Jake obediently went outside. You think
  6. “Who are you, what’s your name?” You begin. The strangers following sigh was exasperated. “What?” You ask confused. “It’s always the same question, who are you? I’ve told you I go by many names.” It’s your turn to be exasperated. “Yes,” you say slowly “but what do you want ME to call you?” The stranger contemplated for a moment. “Kyle” he said softly “my name is Kyle”. The door opened to let the two brothers come in. Jake did NOT look happy but Jo looks as if there was a bight opportunity just about to happen. “You killed the Grwil.” Jo stated. “Yes” Kyle chose his words with caution. “You can kill them?” Jo persisted. “Yes” Kyle was unsure of what Jo was getting at. “You could show us how to?” Jo asked. “NO!!!” Kyle growled as he saw what Jo wanted from him. “Why not?” Jo asked. “I don’t have the time, I need to keep moving.” Kyle responded. “Doing what!” Jo demanded, “There is nothing to do besides run! We are dieing out! Without your help, we won’t survive much longer. _____________ would’ve died if you didn’t turn up at the right time. And you think its all right with us if you just waltz outta here, well if you do you’ve got another thing coming whatever your name is.” Jo stops and the room goes deathly silent.
  7. “You have every right to be angry. But you don’t understand.” Kyle spoke very softly. “I am a hunter, the Bhugs are my quarry. I need to go and pick up a trail I pasted on the way here. You can come with me and learn but we need to go NOW!” Jo looked shocked. Jake was gobsmacked. You are
  8. Jo was the first to recover. “Jake pack the food, ____________ grab all the weapons. There is no time to waste.” You spring into action and realise you don’t know where the weapons were kept. As Jake passes, he sees you confused and whispers “Upstairs under the bed.” You smile at him and turn towards the stairs with your backpack. As you go you think
  9. You find the weapons easily. As you go downstairs, you see Jake with a glass to the door. He sees you and grins mischievously. He takes his ear off the glass and gestures for you to listen. You place your ear to the glass. “You better not mess with me” you hear Jo’s voice say, soft and fierce. You assume he’s talking about going after the bhugs until you hear Kyle’s low voice whisper “And what if she chooses me?” An astounded gasp escapes your lips and the two voices stop. Jake gestures for you to go and you take his advice by sprinting up the stairs. You see Jake grab the glass and place it against the door just as the door swings open. Jo’s face was hard and wary as he stepped out but it spread into a relived smile. Kyle wasn’t pleased as he saw who it was. “Why were you listening to us?” he hissed. “You don’t think I deserved a say,” Jake growled back. You decide to intercede on whose behalf?
  10. Every head turned as you walk down the stairs with your bag. “Ready” you call. “About time” Jake grins at you. Jo turns to face me. “We’re ready to go, here” Jo grabs a small pistol and throws it to you. “WOW” you exclaim, “these are really rare!” Kyle smiles “I relived your friend of it” he shrugs “its no big deal.” You hug him and whisper “Thank you.” He chuckles and whispers, “Your welcome” Jo and Jake watch awkwardly until Jo says “we should get a move on if we wana catch up on them, what did you say the tracks belonged to?” Kyle chuckled “I thought we would start off with something easy, the tracks belong to a Kdal (a group of Bhugs who search for any surviving humans)!
  11. Who do you like? (answer will NOT effect your score)
  12. Should I make part 3
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