Who will you love? part 21

Welcome to part 21. I would just like to thank everyone for taking part and commenting on these quizes, it's a pleasure to write for such nice people ^.^ So again thank you for all your support and espcially to people who have been following this quiz from the very beginning, thank you.

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Created by: Alethea
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  1. "I can't believe your friend did this to me _____!! I never want to speak to you again!! You disgust me, you are nothing to me!" Howls' face was serious when he spoke these words, he had blood running down his face and cuts all over his body. He also had water running down his face but that could just be because he's wet from the rain. "Get out of my sight. I HATE YOU!!"
  2. He walks away leaving you on your knees and alone, you call after him "Howl!?" You just repeat his name over and over, he leaves you in the darkness, the words "I HATE YOU" echo in your head. Then you wake up.
  3. You look around you and notice Conner has gone, in his place are a pillow (where you had your head layed on) and a blanket that has been layed over you.
  4. You go into the kitchen where Gavin is eating breakfast. "Where's everyone?" You ask him. "They've eaten." He says in a low quiet voice. You pause for a second and then say quietly "I think you should apologise to Howl..". He suddenly drops his plate and it smashes on the floor. "Why are you bringing him up?" He mutters angrily.
  5. "Because he's been my best friend since I was 5! I care about him!!" You shout at him. Gavin looks down and clenches his fists. "You shouldn't care.." He mutters but then he stands up and yells "I thought we were your friends! Why do you care about HIM!? Aren't we good enough???" He looks like he's almost shaking with anger, you're taken aback by all these questions, you stay silent. He then says "So that's it isn't it? Well I can tell you that when you go running off with that prick of a 'best friend', I won't be waiting for you!!"
  6. Seth, Blake and Conner walk in, you have tears flooding out your eyes. Conner says angrily at Gavin "Gavin! What did you do!?" "ASK HOWL!" He answers back furiously. He storms out the room, all the guys follow him. Everything is blurry because of the tears in your eyes.
  7. "I have to get out of here!" You whisper to yourself. You run out the house and around the back near the pool and sit by the wall.
  8. You can hear something.. A phone? You look next to you and see a phone vibrating, it says '1 new message' you remember that you threw a phone out the window that Theo gave you.. Surely it couldn't be the same one?
  9. The message reads "Someone is coming." From THEO.
  10. You drop the phone and run back into the house thinking "This is too weird!!". Only when you get inside do you realise how cold it was outside so you go and sit by the fire. You sit there for what feels like an eternity. "_____?" Someone calls.
  11. It's Seth, he comes and sits beside you "Gavin's never going to admit to this, so look into my memories from 5 minutes ago.." He says holding out his hand. You timidly take it. The memory comes immediately (it's very clear because it happened not long ago).
  12. Gavin is sitting in his room raking his hands through his hair, sparks of electricity are flying off him. Seth walks in and yells "What the hell do you think you're playing at??" Gavin glares at him and says "It's all Howl's fault! That a--hole!" "Quit blaming other people Gavin! I know you didn't mean any of that crap you just said to _____ just then!" "You don't know anything about what I'm thinking Seth! You're not Blake!" Gavin yells.
  13. Seth takes a step toward him and says "No, I don't know what you're thinking, but I know YOU. I also know you wouldn't wait for her.. You'd go after her, you'd fight for her!" Seth looks determined and very sure if what he just said. "It doesn't matter anymore, she cares way more about Howl than me.. I give up!" Gavin says holding his head in his hands.
  14. Seth hits the top of Gavin's head. "What the hell was that for!?" Gavin yells. "You really are an idiot aren't you? It's obvious, you're jealous." Gavin turns bright red and puts his hands over his ears "Am not! Am not! Am not!" He chants childishly. Seth rolls his eyes and stands up to head for the door. "Wait..." Gavin calls out.
  15. "Maybe I am.. Jealous." He mutters looking at his shoes. Seth smirks and says "I thought so." But then his tone changes "I know how you feel.." "Really?" Gavin asks looking up. "Yeah, but I have more control than you." He says laughing. Gavin smiles and says "This is bad.. I like her a lot more than I thought I did." Seth looks at him and asks "Do you love her?"
  16. The memory fades. You're back next to Seth in the living room next to the fire. You can feel your eyes welling up with tears, you run out of the living room and out the front door. Seth calls after you but you don't seem to hear him. You just keep running and running and running.
  17. You stop in an alleyway and sit down, you can hardly breathe. You find yourself crying, it's only then that you realise that you have no idea where you are.
  18. 3 tall muscular guys walk toward you, they have knives. "Hands up girly!! Hand over everything you've got!" Your hands tremble as you empty out your pockets. The tallest one says "Hey, she's kinda cute.. Why don't we have some fun?". Your heart starts beating violently.
  19. "Lay one finger on her and I'll make you wish you were never born." Says a very familiar voice. You turn and see Gavin glaring at the three guys. The tall one pokes you and puts his arm round you and says "What are you gonna do now smartass?" Gavin smirks and says "I'm so glad you asked.."
  20. Gavin jumps up and kicks the guy with his arm round you right in the face, he punches the other two and they go out cold. He laughs and says "That was too easy!" He then looks at you and sighs. "You can't walk home like that.." So he scoops you up in his arms and starts walking.
  21. When his hands touch your head you see into his memories, you're asleep where Conner left you, He sees you there and blushes slightly. He gets a pillow and lightly lifts up your head and puts in under you, he then takes a blanket and drapes it over you. He gazes at you for a little while then leaves. The memory fades.
  22. You begin to feel really tired. "Gavin, why did you come to help me?" You ask sleepily. "Well I said I wouldn't wait for you.." He answers "You can be even more of an idiot than me sometimes, I had to make sure you wouldn't get hurt."
  23. You're barely conscious when you ask "What did you say when Seth asked 'Do you love her?'" He just smiles and says "I think you know, idiot..". You fall asleep.
  24. Who do you love?

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