Who will you love? part 18

If you have not taken parts 1-17 of this quiz series you'll be utterly confuzzled. So do that now please ^.^ Most of this quiz was done on my phone so again i don't know how it'll turn out. I have also updated the websitee. =)

Part 18 - you uncover some mysterious photographs in someones wallet, some of which match the face you've been seeing in peoples memories. you get a date for the upcoming Dance.. but is there someone else you wanted to go with. And oh snap! you get kidnapped ;) Enjoy!

Created by: Alethea

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  1. You leave Gavin's room and decide to go on a trek outside the house, it's cold do you borrow someones coat you see in the kitchen. Conner and Blake have gone out present shopping so everything seems pretty quiet.
  2. You can feel something weighing down the pocket of the coat, you look inside and it's someones wallet..
  3. (Assuming you chose the last one). You open it and the first thing you see are pictures, lots if pictures. The first one you see is of a young girl with bright blonde curly hair that's been tied up, she's wearing a purple dress with a light pink cardigan, her eyes are a strange dark pink colour, you can't help thinking something about her looks wrong. There are a lot more pictures of her but as you get to the last picture you see it's not her, it's that sandy haired boy again he looks to be about 14 and he's hugging an older boy who looks around 17 with black hair that has a side fringe, covering a scar over his left eye...
  4. You look through all the pictures and can't help wondering who these people are. You put the wallet back into the coat pocket, there's the sound of a ball bouncing, you follow it and find Seth playing basketball. He looks up and seems happy to see you, he moves his hair out his face and runs over to you, he turns pink and says "Erm.. There's something I wanted to ask you.."
  5. "There's this Christmas Masked Ball thing on Christmas Eve so I just wondered.. Will you be my date?" He stammers and looks down at his shoes..
  6. "Really?!? Do you mean it? You'll go with me?" He says lifting up his head with a beaming smile lighting up his face. "See you later" he says waving as he runs off..
  7. You hear Seth faintly yell "YEAH!!!" And can't help giggling. You are completely surrounded by green.. The garden is huuuuuge! You can see a car stop down the path in front of the house. Blake and Conner get out..
  8. they hear you and look over, you rn over to them and ask how the shopping trip went. Conner says "Well i forgot my wallet so i borrowed money off Blake instead of going back.. Why are you wearing my coat?"
  9. "No leave it on.. It looks good on you." He says smiling. Blake looks extreamly uncomfortable with this and pushes Conner "C'mon lets get these bags in."
  10. you, Conner and Blake go back in the house, Conner goes to wrap up the presents while Blake stays with you in the kitchen. "So you've got a date with Seth.." He says turning around to face you.
  11. "H-how did you know?" you ask feeling slightly embarrassed. He taps his head and says "I could hear Seth's thoughts a mile away." He laughs but then his face turns alot softer "It's a shame really.. I was gonna ask you. But you'll have alot of fun with Seth.."
  12. "I'm sorry Blake." you say, you walk over and give him a hug, but the second your hands touch his neck you see into his memories. It's blurry but you can just make out the sandy-haired boy running up to Blake, he's shouting "Blake! Blake! Where's Conner!?" He seems really happy, Blake replies "Don't worry ------ he'll be back soon." you can't make out his name but it's definately the same boy, when He smiles it looks like his orange eyes are glittering. He then runs out of focus yelling "Conner! Conner! Conner!"...
  13. the memories are cut off by a knock on the door. "I'll get it." you say quickly, you pull open the heavy wood door to reveal Alethea stood in the doorway. She looks tired and even thinner, her weary face lights up when you open the door. "Alethea!?" you say in disbelief, she winks and says "C'mon let's go!" and pulls you out the door. there's not much use in fighting back so you allow yourself to be taken, she pulls you into the backseat of a car with her, once you're both in you ask "W-what are you playing at!?" She looks completely calm and relaxed as she answers "Well, we're going shopping for your Masked Ball outfit aren't we? you're not gonna go in that.." you look down at your clothes, you're wearing plain denim shorts and a red vest, you sigh and say "Right.."
  14. Who do you love? ♥

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Quiz topic: Who will I love? part 18