Who will you love? part 25

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Hey there! If you haven't taken the first 24 parts of this quiz - you should. Go, go now! The story continues and now Howl has joined you all in the house! Ignore the weird pictures with the results! i put them now i can't change it :|

I apologise how late i alwayss am with these quizzes! but if you are a newcomer then great to be you! You can go and do all 24 first to catch up ;) no waiting hehe i'll post the links to any of the old quizzes if anyone wants them in the comments :) Enjoy! We have Seth, Blake, Conner, Gavin and Howl! xoxo

Created by: Alethea
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  1. "So what's this girly doing here then?" Gavin says smirking. "Pfft! Like you can talk dips---." Howl says seeming somewhat disgusted with Gavin. "Guys, _____, this is Howl." Blake says. Everyones' eyes are on Howl as he grins at you in delight.
  2. "Howl what are you doing here!?" You say in complete shock. Olly starts barking at Howl while everyone just seems to stare at the new guest. "Well, it looks like i'm gonna be staying here a while dear" says Howl winking at you. Gavin seems to be enjoying this as much as Howl is and says "Nothing like a bit of competition to liven things up around here!"
  3. Harley looks very confused and pipes up "So anyone wanna tell me why this guy is here..?". Howl grins and says "Doesn't matter right now. Hey meathead! Get me some food will ya? I'm starved" Gavin snorts "Don't make me shock you again brat!". You feel like something's going to kick off soon so you drag Howl out of the room into the corridoor.
  4. You hit Howl in the arm "What are you playing at!?!" He shrugs and laughs "You don't wanna see me?" He pulls a sad pouty face that you can't help but laugh at. Seeing you smile reassures him and he says "Don't worry about it kiddo" he ruffles your hair and walks back into the dining room with everyone else
  5. Conner stands up "Well since i'm Blake for the night I guess I should do the honour of showing Howl his room. C'mon, and keep up!" he teases. Conner and Howl leave the room with his bags and Seth looks bewildered "Urrrm _____ have I missed something here? Who is that guy?"
  6. "He's a twat!" Gavin exclaims grinning. Everyone in the rooms rolls their eyes. "I'm hungryyy" Harley whines while looking up at Blake with puppy-dog eyes. "Hahah! Okay sure, let's get the food out eh?" Blake says cheering up, you all head into the kitchen to bring plate after plate after plate of food. Blake sips his blood out of a special silver cup and says "No point in waiting, let's just eat!". You decide on..
  7. As everyone is nomming away and the delicious food cooked by Blake, Conner and Howl come back in "Man that smells good!" Howl says filling up his plate. Conner doesn't say much, but you can tell he's really anjoying it!
  8. You all eat till it feels like you're gonna pop! Gavin looks at the waistband of your skirt that he's wearing and says "Hahah sorry _____ look like it's a liiiittle bit stretched!" He sees the unimpressed look on your face and starts browsing through his book of chat up lines. "let's see..â—¦Were you arrested earlier? It's gotta be illegal to look that good ;)"
  9. After dinner everyone piles onto the huge comfy sofa in the living room, Seth puts a movie on and eventually all 7 of you fall asleep (Seth, Conner, Gavin, Blake, Harley, Howl and You!).But, late in the middle of the night you hear something that wakes you up ...
  10. You look up and see Conner! He's singing delicately with his eyes shut, its so gentle you can hardly tell his lips are moving at all. "Conner?" You whisper moving closer towards him. He opens his eyes "Oh _____ sorry did I wake you, is there something you want?"
  11. (assuming you chose the last one) He smiles lightly "I guess there is a lot you don't know. Well what would you like to know about me..?"
  12. He takes a deep breath and says "I'm far too old, i've been around far longer than everyone else. It's hard to keep track of time really.." He looks off dreamily, then sees your confused expression "Harley is on the run because of me, the things I did. That's also how I got this scar" He lifts up his fringe to show the faint scar just above his eye. His eyes don't seem to fit his face, they look ancient and wise in contrast to his boyish face and messy hair.
  13. He sighs "And your last question.. Is stupid" He says looking away "You already know the answer to that". You sit there confused and in silence for a minute or two, then you hear his low beautiful singing, the lullaby you're so used to hearing and drift off to sleep..
  14. End. That wasn't incredibly eventful, but the next one will be.. No worries ;) Who do you love? :D

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