Who will you love?

I know there's been alot of these quizzes but i thought i'd try one of my own xD please give feed back! So you've been kidnapped by 4 hot guys and been taken to a secret location.

Okkk Lucky you! you have a choice of our 4 gorgeous guys!! We have: Gavin - a player and a hottie Blake - sweet and intelligent Seth - loyal and loving Conner - emo and talented

Created by: Allie

  1. you're at home on your bed listening to some music on your i-pod when theres a tapping noise on the window...
  2. you dont go to the window and theres some people muttering outside you hear someone say "break it then!" just as you're about to investigate glass shatters everywhere!
  3. Shards of glass cut into your leg and you black out. you wake up what feels like days later with a cute babyfaced guy tending to you who looks like he hasnt left your side. He seems elated you've woken up
  4. "Guys she woke up!! Come on!" the cute guy yells. 3 other guys enter the room. you cant help your jaw dropping as you see them. Who catches your eye?
  5. "Welcome _____ sorry we had to do that. Im Gavin, this is Seth, Blake and Conner. Im afraid you'll be here a while" Gavin says winking at you.
  6. Everyone exits the room except for Seth who smiles at you warmly and takes your hand.
  7. (Assuming you answered the last one) "Well you see we need you. you're very special." Says Seth "I hope you're leg's feeling better, you got quite alot of glass in there." you examine your leg and to your suprise its perfect. you then try and lift it up, a sharp pain goes through your leg.
  8. you drift asleep for a few hours and are woken up by the sound of singing. you sit up and to your suprise Conner is sitting next to you singing a lullaby. (Like him or not you have to admit he can sing) Its so beautiful your eyes are watering. He stops abruptly when he sees your awake. "Ummm. Hello" He says. you look away but can still feel his grey eyes staring at you.
  9. "Are you ok to come downstairs? We'd like to talk to you." Conner says offering his hand to help you. you swing you're legs over the bed and...
  10. you and Conner enter a beautiful candlelit room and sit around a table in te middle of the room with the other guys. Gavin gives you a cheeky grin and says "Now _____ there is something you should know about us......."
  11. Okkk guys thats it for part 1. Who are you crushing on so far?

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Quiz topic: Who will I love?