Supernatural love story/girls only (part 1)

Hello this is my first quiz so sorry if it's bad. This is a love story quiz with a twist. Hope you like it! I will make the next parts longer! Good luck! In the results when you see Jacob, please ignore he is in the next part.

You only meet the first guy in this part but there are 5 guys. Sorry if your dream guy isn't in this series. Here is the first guy's discription; Brown hair, grey eyes. You'll find out his personality later.

Created by: TheEpicTroller88
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  1. Your name is Hazel. You have brown hair with dirty blonde highlights at the end and hazel eyes, hence the name. Your dad dissapeared when you were 7. This story is in first person.
  2. I walked out of my new house, the smell of paint still fresh in my nose, an uneasy feeling is settled over me as I look out over Lake Michigan. The frozen lake only brought back painful memories that seemed so far away.
  3. As I pulled my coat tighter around my thin body to keep from shivering in the frosty air, I thought to myself that despite the chilly temperatures lately still no snow had fallen. Then I thought of how happy I was before my father disappeared. I shook the painful thought as I spun around on my heel to go back inside the warmth of Max’s house. The spin was an attempt of grace, but I only manage a face plant in the wood of the deck. It hurt badly, but was nothing compared to the pain I’ve felt before. As I got up, I wiped the blood from my lip, and I looked to see what I slipped on. It was just ice, but I was still suspicious. I’ve learned that being suspicious is sometimes a good thing, but I’ll start from the beginning...
  4. 3 MONTHS EARLIER…… nothing out of the ordinary just a typical Tuesday morning, same old annoying ring of my beat up alarm clock. Same sudden rush of joy thinking Dex was finally back, and 2 seconds later the feeling crushed by reality that he would never be back. I gave up hoping years ago.
  5. The police had been trying for 5 years with no luck. Ignoring the painful thought I pulled myself out of bed and gritted my teeth as the cold wood touched my bare feet, even though I put my socks there the night before. “Oh well” I muttered bitterly “Speck probably swatted them away in the middle of the night,” I sighed. “No surprise there.” I laughed thinking of his little white paws looking like ping-pong balls bouncing across my bedroom floor in the dark.
  6. When I first got Speck I was the only one he liked, and I don’t blame him after my mom stuffed him in a box and left him there over night, under the Christmas tree for a present. He also never seemed to get bigger than the average kitten despite him being 6 years old. Since I was up and still had about an hour to get ready for school I looked under my bed to find, as I suspected Speck under my bed sleeping on my Michigan State socks. His green eyes opened slightly as he notices I’m there. I know it’s no use trying to get my socks out from under him so I let him sleep.
  7. I got dressed in my school uniform and gritted my teeth as I pulled on my itchy blue t-shirt, leather jacket and black leggings, but I left the blue skirt crumpled on the floor. I hated wearing that skirt no matter how much trouble it gets me into, they still wouldn’t change the design so that the girls can run in them! I sighed and tugged on my boots ignoring the black dress shoes that the girls at my school are ALSO supposed to wear. (from now on if you see two of these: * that's me talking.)
  8. I remembered the first day at my new school in 1st grade when they showed me that uniform, how mad my mom was when I made a disgusted face. I remember her scolding me, but when we got home, her laughing, telling me about the look that the secretary gave me. She said after I went to the bathroom to change into the uniform the secretary said “I don’t know why your daughter doesn’t like the uniform. It’s perfectly fine.” my mom said that when she saw me in the uniform she almost gasped. “Not something that fit you figure.” she had said, but I was too young to understand what she meant. I suddenly snapped back to reality as my mother yelled, “Hazel hurry up the bus will be here in FIVE minutes do you hear me?!?! FIVE minutes!” “OK!” I yelled down the stairs trying to sound as annoyed as possible to let her know that I don’t care. I shoved everything in my backpack hoping as always that the zipper doesn’t decide on today to snap. I got on the bus and sat next to my best friend Caleb Ryson who I met in first grade.
  9. “Still won’t accept the fact that as soon as you sit down Ms. Mecko will make you go down to the office and change into your skirt and shoes?” He muttered sympathetically. “Yeah I know,” I muttered back sadly, then I remember the secretary’s promise and a new energy surged through me, “Oh I found out the new secretary also thinks the uniforms are stupid. She said this time she’ll send me back with a note that says they aren’t aloud to give me anymore spares.” A snicker rose in my chest as I imagine the event playing out in my head.
  10. k that's it for today! if 3 people comment saying they want me to make part 2 i will! if 5 people say no i'll stop writing this series and do normal quizzes.
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