Torn (A Love Story) Part#3

This is a love story by me, Emily.I hope you like it. This is the first of many. It talks about love drama, a normal teenage girls love life. Well, if you could call Anna normal.

I really hope you guys live this, it's going to be epic! The ultimate decision, which boy do you like? Nice and sweet, or bad boy. Maybe both? Enjoy!

Created by: EmGirl
  1. This next part is a description of the school from part#1 that you should read: The school was a giant three-story high building, and all of the walls were glass. In the light of the morning, the school looked like a big blue glass cube. How was I ever going to find my way in there? Lowering my head, I walked through the glass doors.
  2. This next part is a scene that I forgot to mention in Part#1, when Anna meets Taylor: At lunch, I looked for Jonah, but could not find him. Instead, I found an old friend. She saw me in the hallway, and shouted, "Anna!" in my direction. I turned and saw a brunette girl with brown eyes and tons of freckles rushing over to me. "Taylor?" I asked. Taylor nodded, and said, "OMG, I can't believe you're here!" We hugged, and I asked, "What are you doing here Taylor?" Taylor smiled, and replied, "I moved here a year ago. And now you're here too! Oh My Gosh, we need to catch up! Come on, let's go get lunch, and then we can talk." Taylor led me to a big lunch room, full of white circular tables dotted here and there. There were nutrition posters on the white-washed walls and a bar you chose stuff to eat from. We both got salad and sat down at a table. "So, why are you here?" Taylor asked me. I lowered my face. I'd been expecting this. "Mom, dead," I whispered. "Oh," Taylor replied, "Sorry." This was awkward; I had to get us out of this despair hole... "So, tell me, who's that blonde girl over there?" I asked. I knew how much Taylor liked to gossip. And besides, I wanted to know who that rude blonde girl I'd met this morning was. "Oh, that's Brooklyn, or Brooke," Taylor said, "Popular, rich, annoying, rude, mean..." "Crush on Jonah..." I put in. "How do you know that?" Taylor asked, spearing a tomato with her fork and pointing it at me, "It took me a month to find out!" "I was talking with Jonah this morning," I replied, "And he returned my lost ribbon." Taylor stared. "Stay away from that guy Anna," she said, "He's bad news. He's always late for class. He likes no one. He disappears for long times, to where, nobody knows. He has that look in his eye; it makes you want to agree with everything he says, and most just start crying instead." "I know, right?" I said. I remembered that look far to well... Nathanial walked by my table. He waved, I waved back. Taylor stared at me again. "What?" I asked. "I guess you talked with Nathanial too?" "Yeah, he's nice." "And cute..." "What?" I asked, surprised at the comment. "Wait, you like him!" Taylor sighed, "Yeah, but he never notices me. Anyways..." Taylor went on talking about the nerds, the jocks, the people who were friendly, the people who were not, who to talk to, who to steer clear from, and who to keep track on. It was like she had a whole book about this, and each person had their very own page. I finished my salad, said goodbye to Taylor, and spent the last minute looking for Jonah before moving on to Math class.
  3. Now, onto the real story.
  4. My first week was pretty good, if you ask me. Thursday was where it got complicated. To start with, my dad was called into Florida for a week to do work, so I'd be home-alone for a week. Yay to me! Not. Because of that, my whole life became a whole mess. My dad doesn't like rock... but I do. So I decided on today, day one of being home-alone, I'd play some. I wore a black tee and ripped shorts that day, to get me into the mood. I opened the window, because the AC was out, and started playing the music on my i-Pod. I got up and danced. It was probably about ten minutes when I heard my name being called. I glanced outside the window. It was Jonah, of all people. I quickly took my glasses off and placed them on a table along with my i-Pod. I poked my head out again. Jonah was still there. "Hey," I replied, giving a slight wave. "What are you doing?" he asked; a slight smile on his lips. "Um... dancing?" I replied, "What are you doing?" "Walking home, and then I saw the disturbing image of you dancing." "Wow, thanks for the complement," I sighed, "Now, if you don't mind, please go back to walking to your house." "I think I'll stay a little longer," he said, and walked off the street and towards me. "What are you doing?" I began, when he jumped clear into my house threw the open window. Curse that window, I'd never leave it open again.
  5. "What... Get out of my house!" I screamed, "I'll call the police on you, you..." "Relax," Jonah said, "Gosh, I'm not going to steel anything." He glanced at my i-Pod, which was muted, but still playing music, and read the title of the song. "Hmmm," he said, "You have good taste." "Please, get out of my house," I asked again, this was very, very, bad. I couldn't just let boys into my house, what would dad say? I wanted to punch him, but could not, because dad was against violence. But wait, dad wasn't here... "Really, Jonah, get out," I said. "Or what?" he asked, "I'm not doing any harm." I slapped him. After that, I regretted it. He shoved me against the wall, and stared at me with those hateful eyes of his. He looked like he was ready to commit murder. Then, he let go and leapt back out the window. I stood there, stunned, very, very, stunned. What had just happened? A boy came into my house without permission, I slapped him, he shoved me, and then he left. I looked out the window, Jonah wasn't anywhere in sight. I quickly closed the window, shut it, locked it, made sure it was locked, and did this to every window in the house. I was getting pretty hot, but I wasn't going to let something like what just happened, happen again.
  6. The next day at school, Jonah wasn't there. It wasn't like two days ago when he had just, disappeared for a while, this time, he was absent. I couldn't help wondering if this was because of the thing that had happened yesterday. I had to tell someone, but who could I tell? If I told dad, well, what would I tell him? "Hey dad, guess what?" "What?" "A boy went up to me the other day and broke into my house, so I hit him, and he looked like he'd kill me, then he left." Dad would hunt Jonah down and have the police arrest him. If I told Taylor, though she was my friend, she was the gossip queen. Did I really want her to write what happened down in her book? Nathanial was the only other person I could think of telling... but he'd most likely, well, do the responsible thing, which could also result in Jonah getting arrested. And thinking of Nathanial, he was walking up to me right now. I nervously adjusted my glasses, and he noticed this. "I thought you said you didn't need those?" he asked. "Well," I answered slowly, "I need them now." Nathanial stared at me, he probably didn't buy that. "Can I ask you a favor?" he continued. "Yeah, sure, what do you need?" I replied. "Well, I need this absent note delivered to Jonah. And I need it signed by Monday. I'd go there, but, you know. We don't exactly get along. And he lives about a street away from you, so maybe, could you bring this to him and get it back to me tomorrow, I'll be here, and I can take it." I was a little bummed about the favor though. "I'm not sure, you see, yesterday, Jonah, um..." "What did he do?" Nathanial asked with worry in his voice. Why was that there? "Never mind," I said, and took the paper from Nathanial. "Thanks," he replied, and turned to leave. I didn't know why I couldn't just return the note today, for some reason; I thought Nathanial wanted to be alone with me. This worried me a bit, last time I was alone with a boy, well, it wasn't exactly the nicest thing that ever happened to me.
  7. I approached the given address for Jonah's house slowly. It was a grey house, and pretty normal, in fact. It looked like every other house on the street. I climbed the three steps up to the door, and rang the doorbell. I heard feet approaching. The door was opened by a middle aged man with black hair and a black mustache. "Who are you?" the man asked. I saw Jonah's head peer out from the hallway, and an expression of shock came onto his face. "Hi, um, I'm here to see Jo..." But before I could finish, the man slammed the door in my face. A few muffled shouts came from inside, and then the door was opened again, but by Jonah this time. "What do you want?" he asked. I handed him the note, "Nathanial asked me to give you this." I said. Jonah took it, sighed, and mumbled something that sounded like curse words. "Why'd he send you, instead of come himself?" he asked. "Nathanial said since I live close to you, I should give it." I replied. "Typical," Jonah scowled, "He's afraid, sends little girls instead of manning up and doing it himself."
  8. "Excuse me?" I screamed, "Did you just call me a little girl? I'm sixteen!" "But you'd do anything for him, wouldn't you?" Jonah shot back, "Because you love him, like all those other stupid girls. Trust me, don't do anything for him. You'll regret it." "Hey, I don't love him, and I'm not stupid!" "I'm not signing this," Jonah said, shoving the note back towards me. "You need to," I replied, not taking it. "You're just like Nathanial," Jonah spat, "And I thought you were cool, possibly. But of course, I was wrong." I was about to spit something back at him, when I giant shaggy dog leapt out from behind him and knocked me over. It started licking my face madly. "Wow," I gasped, "you are huge!" I shoved the pooch off of me; I wasn't sure what breed it was. I petted it, and asked Jonah, "Your dog?" "Yeah, sorry about that, I'll just sign your letter," he said, taking a pen out and signing his name, then handing it back to me. I got up and took it, stuffing it into my pocket. There was an awkward pause. "Jonah," I said slowly, "Did you, um, why'd you skip school today?" "My mom's sick," he replied, "So my dad, he, ah, let me go and see her." "Oh sorry," I mumbled, why had I been so stupid to think that Jonah left because of me? The world didn't revolve around Anna Torrent. "You wouldn't know, I don't need your sympathy," Jonah spat, turning away. "Actually," I replied, "I would." "How would you?" "My mom's dead," I said quietly, "Later." I turned and rushed away. It wasn't the worst meeting ever, but I still didn't like it. The more time I spent with Jonah, the more time I dreaded seeing him again.
  9. The next day, Saturday, I put on a pink skirt and yellow tee. I felt, kind of girly today. I knew I was meeting Nathanial at school, and was regretting it, yet, excited about it. It was a clear cool day, and the wind rushed through the trees. I walked up too "˜The Blue Glass Square' and went inside. Nathanial wasn't there. I walked down the hallway and peered left and right, but still, no Nathanial. Suddenly, Nathanial jumped out at me and said, "Boo!" I shrieked, and out if instinct, I guess, I swung the hand I was holding the papers with, trying to hit Nathanial. He backed up to avoid the shot, and the moment of surprise passed. "What... the hell... was that for?" I shrieked, "You scared me to death!" "Oh, sorry," Nathanial replied, nervously running his hand through his hair, "Still, you should have seen the look on your face..." I glared at him. "It's a good thing you're my friend Nathanial," I said, "Or else."
  10. He smiled awkwardly. "So, you got the papers?" "Yeah," I said while handing him the papers, "Later Nathanial." "Hey, Anna," Nathanial said, "Um, it's 12:00, you, um, want to grab lunch with me?" Yeah, I'd been dreading this. "Nathanial," I replied slowly, "Are you asking me out on a date?" "No!" he said, "I wouldn't go out with you, well... um... maybe... but... no, it's not a date... just as... you know... friends. Yeah, as friends." I stared at Nathanial, a little confused, then, I nodded. "All right then, as friends." We walked to a sandwich cart and bought some sandwiches. Then Nathanial showed me the park. He showed me his favorite place in the park, a creek with a weeping willow by it. We sat down and talked a bit about school, then I finely got up and said bye to him, going back home.

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