Happy 2nd Anniversary One Direction {Aria's}

Torn (L) I thought I saw a girl brought to life, She was warm, she came around, she was dignified, Showed me what it was to cry, You couldn't be that girl I adored, You don't seem to know, or seem to care what your heart is for, But I don't know here anymore, There's nothing left, I used to cry, my conversation has run dry, That's what's going on, Nothing's fine I'm torn, I'm all out of faith, and this is how I feel, I'm cold and I am shamed, lying naked on the floor, Illusion never changed, into something real, I'm wide awake and I can see the perfect sky is torn, You're a little late, I'm already torn, There's nothing left, I used to cry, Inspiration has run dry, that's what's going on, Nothing's fine I'm torn.♥ ♥ ♥

2 years. 1 album. 18 songs. Hundreds of shows. 3 singles. 5 million fans. 1 dream. ♥ THEY ARE: ONE DIRECTION! Happy birthday One Direction ^___^

Created by: Aria
  1. Hi, My name is Aria. If I didn't spell something correctly, it's because my eyes are blurry from crying tears of JOY. As my title says, it is the 2nd Anniversary of One Direction. *audience screams* Yes, yes. Our famous boy band that has changed our lives.
  2. Since I'm five hours behind UK, It's 3:53pm here and in UK It'll be 8:53pm. So at 3:22pm, I listened to Torn, Tweeted, reposted something, updated my status, and screamed Happy Birthday One Direction. If you are wondering why Torn? It has meaning, it was their song ♥ I know they didn't write it but...you get what I'm saying right?
  3. "Louis: 155204 Zayn: 165616 Liam: 61898 Niall: 232677 Harry: 165998" Can you guess what this is? It is their number on the X Factor. Imma be a Directioner FOREVER and I'm proud
  4. Messages to the boys: Niall James Horan: You are my inspiration, my hope. You taught me to be strong. Without you, One Direction would not be the same. Let the haters say what they want because the Avengers, Batman and I will kick their asses. I love you for being yourself. You are wonderful and phenominiall, Niall. Believe it because we, your fans, do.
  5. Harold Edward Milward Styles: You have certainly changed my life. I dunno what I'll do without you (L) Your smile lights up our day, and the way you act awkward, it's cute. The way that you play with your curls gets me overwhelmed. You are everything to me (L) Just remember Harry, don't be harassed by haters. They can say what they want about your weight but we find you perfect. We LOVE you Harry
  6. Zayn Jawaad Malik: The Bradford Bad Boi huh? XD Trust me, Zayn, the way you bite your lip when you're nervous makes your fans giggle uncontrollably. I know MILLIONS of girls that would die if they saw you. I am in love with your voice, it's unique and amazing. I can't describe how wonderful it is but it's AMAZAYN okay? Don't be insecure about it, it's muy perfecto! WE LOVE YOU ZAYN ^.^
  7. Louis William Tomlinson: Where am I supposed to begin Louis? There are a million things I could say about how fabulouis you are but I'm afraid we don't have time for that. You make your fans smile, they love that. When we see you with Eleanor, we see how happy you are and DIRECTIONERS wouldn't spoil that.You're fun-loving and adorable. J'adore Louis! When I'm sad, I always look for your funny moments to brighten up my dark day. You mean a lot to me and when you sing, it's like angels from Heaven.
  8. Liam James Payne: Daddy Direction! You're so responsible and caring. I don't know why but your eyes mesmerize me ♥ My friends tell me when I sing, I look like you o.O I take it as a compliment though because of how BRILLIAM you are ^.^ Liam...don't worry. We love Danielle as much as you do. We know how much hate she gets but you don't have to study it because she's perfect. If I had to say something to her, I'd tell her she's an incredible idol to kids. Liam, I, scratch that. WE love you ^_^
  9. Without One Direction, I'd be lost. I'd be so empty. I love EVERY one of them and I don't want them to change themselves because of ANY hater or directionator. Right now I'm listening to ALL their songs. I mean it, One Direction, IS THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME.

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