A smidgen of revenge :The Prologue

Hey people! I literally just thought of this idea, so please tell me what you think! So, before you read this, I do wanna give you a heads up. This isn't going to be like the rest of my stories. You've been warned.

For so long, you have heard stories of the cliche good girl. The girl who has had her troubles -- yet has a sweet guy to guide her every step of the way. Well, I'm the bad girl. The girl who was left to do as she wished -- the girl betrayed by every lover she's ever had. I -- I'm the girl whom hides behind the curtains while everyone applauds for the amazing happy endings in movies and stories. For me -- there never will be a happy ending. For me -- for me I'll always be the bad girl.

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. Whispering willow trees lined the forgotten forest -- each tree holding a forbidden secret that was unknown to any living being. As far back as I could remember, my father always told me that -- and I bought into each and every one of his lies. My mother called them his 'fantasies', yet I knew it hurt her just as much as it hurt me when he left us for that witch.
  2. That witch -- my new step mother, Vanessa -- stole my father from us with her promises. Promises she could never keep -- yet he believed every single word that came from her mouth. Perhaps he deserved what he got, but it still hurts, yknow?
  3. "We should go party," she'd encouraged. " drink a little more beer, Henry." she would whisper. " Let's go out and drive like wild teens." she'd purr into his ear -- and he'd do everything she'd ask of him. She's the witch who stole my father from me -- and I'm the girl who avenged her father.
  4. Swiping at the grotesque image before me, I did my best to navigate us throughout the solemn woods -- the trees purring out crazed howls. And if you were to listen closely -- I swear, it sounded as if they were whispering forgotten secrets to one another.
  5. " Charley," he whispered into the crook of my neck -- his touch freezing my body in an instant. " are you pleased now? You got your revenge, my morning flower. How does it feel?" he questioned. He knew very well that I was pleased with myself -- but I hated to make him feel dumb. " It feels amazing, Cody. For so long," I sighed softly, his strong toned arms gently pressing me against the crackling tree that rested behind me -- the knots and dead bark nipping at my skin in attempts to swallow me whole. " I waited for my revenge. She took him from me, Cody. She killed my father, and I'm proud to say that I -- Charley Rhense -- have returned the favor."
  6. Silly as it may seem -- I'm quite proud of myself. As we drag her limp, blood-stained body throughout the woods, only one thing comes to mind -- success. After hours of wandering throughout the forest, we'd finally reached our destination. Valley Peak. For so long, Vanessa had pled with father to jump off of Valley Peak with her. He'd fallen a month before her -- but I feel it's time she joins him.
  7. " Are you ready for this, my beautiful empress?" Cody's scratchy voice drifted off into my ear -- the wind howling as I gave him a vigorous nod. " Ready as I'll ever be, my Greek god." I purred. With that, I took one last look at Vanessa's lifeless body -- each wicked feature of hers seemingly reassuring me that I'd done the right thing.
  8. I killed Vanessa Beaucourt. Dark ragged waves of coal black hair cascaded down her face, her once frightful red-wine eyes now glazed over. As I took one last look at her jagged chin, I allowed my eyes to wander down to her chest -- a knife jabbed deeply into it. " I hope you're happy." I hissed into her earlobe, taking her by the arms. " Do it, Charley. She killed your father. Give her the fate she deserves." Cody whispered -- his voice hoarse from hours of consoling Vanessa's son -- Patrick. Vanessa stole my father from me, so it is only fair that I took Vanessa from Patrick.
  9. A smirk took over my face as the corners of my lips lifted upwards and I whispered one last thing into her ear before shoving her forward. " The end."
  10. As she plummeted to her doom -- a howling wind nipped at the bare skin on my arms -- the same happening to Cody. " You did it angel. Now go burn in hell." he cackled, shoving me forward towards a broiling city of fire.
  11. ***CLIFFHANGER***I'll get part One out soon!

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