A smidgen of revenge: Part Three

Hey people! So, this one will be in Sam's pov. If you haven't read the other parts, go do that or you will be really confused. Okay, done? Great. So... Go.

I heard curiosity killed the cat -- why did nobody ever warn me that it also killed girls. How was i to know of their devious ways. The girl I had once called my friend was off her rockers and dating HIM. How was I to know that I was walking into a battle ground?

Created by: ghettobabe4ever
  1. As I wallowed in self-pity, indulging in a sweet carton of strawberry ice-cream -- I became aware of sudden ringing. My phone! Taking it into my palm -- I leapt at the name flashing on my screen. Charley.
  2. Without a second thought, I quickly answered it and listened to a loud shriek from the other line. " Oh my god -- no!" her voice cried out on the other side. Oh my gosh! She's alive! " Charley!? Charley where are you?!" I hollered into the speaker, listening to her surroundings. It sounded as if she were running -- leaves crumpling beneath her feet and heavy breaths coming from her. " Sam! Please! P-please help! He's chasing me! He has a gun!" she cried back. Listening to her pleads, I knew she wasn't lying. She needed me. " Where are you?"
  3. *** Twenty minutes later ***My heart was pounding against my chest like a drum as I ran up into the woods she had described -- her description pretty accurate. Though she was able to describe everything perfectly, I was beginning to think maybe she was hallucinating. Maybe she hit her head and was imagining things. Yeah, that must be it.
  4. " No! Please don't!" her voice pierced through the serene woods -- birds crowing as a click sounded off. Following after it was the sound of a bullet -- whizzing off into the woods followed by a scream. She wasn't making it up. As quickly as my feet could carry me, I flew throughout the woods like Bigfoot was chasing me until I came up to a clearing that seemed rather.... ominous.
  5. " Hello? Charley?" I hollered, cupping my hands around my mouth, forming a make-shift megaphone. " Charley? Char--" I continued, a small click sounding off behind me.
  6. " Hello Sam." a brittle voice purred behind me -- a voice I once loved to hear. Charley. I slowly spun around on my heel to see a gun being aimed straight at me -- the muzzle being firmly clutched in her hands. " Charley? What's going on?" I asked -- her deep brown eyes rolling as she motioned towards the trees. A lanky figure slowly lurched forward and I finally got it. Charley and Cole had been secretly dating behind Cody's back.
  7. " You killed Cody." I bluntly stated " On the contrary. Cole killed Cody," she simpered, resting her head upon his shoulder. All this time Cody had been right to think she was cheating on him. " Why, Charley? Why?" " WHY? WHY!? I'll tell you why," she growled through clenched teeth, her hands shaking as she began to walk closer.
  8. " You knew Vanessa. My evil step-mom. She stole him. She took him from me last month. She killed him Sam! I couldn't let her get away with it," she cried out, turning to face Cole. " Cole helped me. We fell in love and in order to help me get revenge.... he helped me kill her." she explained. Oh my gosh. She's insane. " But Charley! You killed your boyfriend! And that other person!" " Mom wouldn't leave me alone! I... I didn't want to."
  9. She killer her mom. She killed Vanessa. They killed Cody. Oh god.... I'm next if I don't calm her down. " Charley. Why involve me then?" I questioned her. Yeah, this might be a huge mistake. She hates me to question her. " You knew too much. You know what's going to happen," she sighed, turning her attention to Cole. " Baby, will you do it? Remember last time?" she asked. He gave her an understanding look and took the gun from her -- aiming it straight at me as he cocked it.
  10. " Goodbye Sam." Charley's broken voice whispered into the night -- the last thing I heard before everything went dark.
  11. *** CLIFFHANGER ***so, did you expect that? Probably lol. Now that she's dead, they can live a fairytale life... Right?

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