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Hello there! It's Sapphire, and I am bringing you a cool new... STORY SERIES! That's right, I hope you are all exicted like I am. Part 2 will be coming out the next morning I guess, and there will be 15 parts. Maybe more, but likely there will be 15. ;)

I am sorry if I don't make a part each morning, it'll be because I am bussy or so. But I promise you, I won't give up on this series. I hope you like it, it will become more exciting in the next part, and it will be a lot longer! Enjoy!

Created by: 8Sapphire8
  1. ∆Harmonia∆ "Dear Diary, I am really bored, and I don't know what to do exept tell you what happened in this booooring day. Okay, today I was heading to the park for a walk, but I met a strange guy. He looked a little 'vampy'. Probably my imagination... Or maybe not? Well anyway, he was a strange dude standing in a street and when I closed my eyes he wasn't there anymore. Maybe I was halucinating? Anyway, today I am heading with the boys. Ryan, Jake, Daniel, Erik and Alex. Were heading to the park again, because there will be a party my best friend Lily invited us to. She is a good friend, we have so much in common. We were friends since we were 5 years old. Nothing changed with her. I must be careful, not to show my powers in front of everyone there. I wish it was winter, no one could notice even if I lost control... Ahhh I am so in love with Ryan still. I have a BIG crush on him, but I think he loves another girl... Maybe not? I don't know really... I have to go prepare now! The party starts in 12:00 PM, and it's already 11:25 PM. Cya later Diary!
  2. ∆Ryan∆ The party is starting soon... Oh I wish I will get a chance to talk to her. What a beauty. I have a crush on her but... She might love someone else. I wish we could do something together. She is like a beautiful sunset. We will see what happens in the party. Thank god it's not the full moon, otherwise I would be drinking everyone's blood. I hate I am a vampire. I have to tell her one day what I am and what I feel for her. I can't hold it anymore. Kelly is my ex, I dumped her when I met Harmonia. I wonder what my brother Alex is doing right now. All I know that all boys have a crush on her. Erik, Daniel, Jake, Alex and me. Oh the party starts in twenty minutes! Better prepare..
  3. ∆Daniel∆ The party starts soon, I better call the others. I can't wait till I see Harmonia again! I wish she would be mine, but I can't have her... Then others would be jealous and I don't want that. "Alex tell the others the party starts soon, and get Ryan to prepare the car for the drive!"
  4. ∆Ryan∆ "Boys are you ready? Let's go! First were going to pick up Harmonia okay? Then we are going to the party all together!" I can't wait. We will see what will happen at the party, I hope everything will be okay...
  5. ∆Jake∆ "Okay, I'm ready!" I can't stop thinking about her. Why? Why?? Do I really have such a big crush on her? I know the others have too. We'll see what happens, all I know is that right now, I want to see her.
  6. ∆Harmonia∆ Finally they are here! After I got into the car we drove to the park. I sat in the front seat, along with Ryan next to me, bussy driving. I looked outside, and all I could see is my look in the window. It was dark. Then suddenly, I saw a white snowflake... Oh no! I knew that was me, so I used my power to stop it. Thankfully no one noticed, but there is something else. I felt more powers in the air, but that wasn't me... I think I'm not the only one here to be special. I'll have to find out... Soon. I looked over at all of them. Alex was just watching at the seat, Erik was thinking, Ryan was driving, Daniel catched my look and smiled, and Jake was reading a magazine. Hm, I love them all, but the passion that grew inside my heart was reserved for Ryan. But, Jake was cute too. I don't mind if I have to be with all of them. That's not a problem for me, the daughter of Aphrodite...
  7. You finally arrived at the party. Everything was okay, and after an hour of fun, something bad happened. You, Lily, Ryan, Erik, Jake, Daniel and Alex got kidnapped. The fireplace stopped burning. Only the smoke could be seen. What will happen? Who? How? Where? Why? Find out.. IN PART TWO!
  8. Sniff Sniff. Cliffhanger..
  9. What?
  10. lol

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