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Welcome to "The Other Side", my second series and the little cousin of "Don't leave me hanging", my first series. If you haven't already, you might want to read the previous parts of this series, so that you can understand the story. This part will be in Vixla's point-of-view, but Blake's will be up next.

Recap: The morning after the party, and after a rather emotional encounter with Black, Vixla entered the kitchen and chatted with Russel, Owen, Petra, and Dan. She learned that Emilia and Petra fought over Blake, Savanna had left Blake for Derek, and, most importantly, that the Spirit Necklace was stolen by Jack from Blake's team.

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  1. All of a sudden, Petra shouts, "YES!" and she shoots up to stand, squealing,"We made it, Dan!" "Oh, that's great," he nods and limply responds to her outstretched double high-five. "Made what?" I inquire. Suddenly, Petra looks evasive, "Well... um, we made Blake's team..." "But... you're on mine, Petra," I remind her, fearing what I think she's getting at.
  2. "Well, no offense, ________, but your team is kinda lame. It's dry, and it's boring because no one is ever around, and Blake's team has so many more possibilities," Petra remarks, and I stare in shock at her. If she hated it that much, then why didn't she leave sooner? I always knew Petra to be blunt, but outright like this? And I bet the possibilities she's talking about has to do with the other gender. Suddenly, I'm not so disappointed that she's leaving me; I'm pissed off.
  3. "Well, good luck with him, I know I'd never survive the change. I should get going," I announce shortly, getting up and grabbing the bundle of my dress, "Does anyone know where our team necklaces are being held?" "Blake's giving them out at the meeting tonight," Petra answers, back on her phone again. I sigh, "That long? I guess it's unavoidable, well, I'll see you later, Owen, Russel. Petra, Dan, good luck in your new team. And Dan, it was a pleasure meeting you."
  4. I turned heel, and somehow, I found my way out of the building without too much trouble. Changing back to my immortal form, I take to the skies, in the direction of my home. My small, lakeside cottage is tucked into the forest, and, technically, I own it jointly with my half-sisters, Layla and Savanna. Since the day that they joined Blake's team however, they've slept at his headquarters, plus, we all like to pretend that we're not related, so they hardly visit. That's our wonderful family bond.
  5. I use the house for a team headquarters, which means that it's usually only me, Roxy, Petra, and one guy, Leo. Now, though, I guess we're down to 3 members. Walking into the house, I find Leo sitting on the couch, doing some kind of work out of a textbook. He shakes his caramel brown hair out of his face to look up at me, "Welcome home, Vixla. You're the first back." "I'm the first besides you, Leo. You didn't even go! I thought you said you might," I accuse him, leaning over the end of the chair. "Might also might mean might not," he clarifies, "I did say those huge parties just aren't my thing. I don't like dressing up. Oh, and speaking of dress, where's yours and whose clothes are those?"
  6. I lift the bundle of fabric that is my dress to show him and explain, "I borrowed the clothes from Blake." "Blake has girl clothes?" Leo snickers, and I roll my eyes, changing the subject, "I'm going to take a shower." "Kay," he responds casually, "Oh, and your boyfriend stopped by.... what's his name again? Wa- ... Wei-... no... Ian?... Warren? Have you really not seen him since he asked you out a week ago?" "His name is Wyatt, and since when is my love life your business?" I demand. "Ever since you came to me to vent about it," Leo smirks, "But really, what's up with that? I know you said you were having misgivings and wanted to get to know him better, but wouldn't you be better off spending more time with him rather than avoiding him? That way you could get to know him better and see whether or not he's boyfriend material."
  7. "I had to help Blake out with setting up the party... all the elites did. It just wasn't convenient to meet up," I defend myself, "And, besides, I thought I'd see him at the party. How was I supposed to know that Logan disliked him enough to keep him off the invitation list?" Leo just shrugs, "You might've if you had talked to him more." "Okay, since when did you get on the opposing side?" I question him, and he quirks an eyebrow as if he can't believe I didn't realize the obvious answer, "Vixla, I'm never on your opposing side. I just noticed that the guy seemed a little desperate to contact you; that's all I'm saying. Now, go take your shower. Don't let me hold you up."
  8. I shake my head as I go upstairs to my room. I quickly drop off my crushed dress, pick up my robe, and enter the bathroom. All the while, Wyatt has replaced Jack on my brain. Did he seriously want to see me that badly that he'd come all the way out here or was Leo just exaggerating? I can't believe him. Before last week, I had only exchanged a couple greetings with Wyatt, but it was only last week that he randomly had invited Oliver and me to hang out. The drunk (as usual) Oliver had passed out within half an hour, leaving me to talk with Wyatt for maybe an hour to two. The next day, he invited me back and that was when he asked me. Of course, I tried stalling and saying that I still needed to get to know him better, but he pressed for an answer, and so, because there wasn't any definitive reason why not, I told him yes.
  9. Now, like I always do, I'm reconsidering whether that was a wise decision. Probably not. I hope I wasn't leading him on. Now I have to no reason to break up with him either, especially since we haven't gone on a single date yet, and I guess I'll just have to see how this goes. I'll have to look for him when I go to Blake's headquarters for the elites meeting because I don't have my necklaces and hardly any of us keep a cell phone. I'll just have to get dressed and head on over to Blake's headquarters early to deal with this.
  10. I carelessly throw on a pair of skinny jeans and an pale pink off-the-shoulder blouse and slip my feet into some golden gladiator sandals as I head out the door of my bedroom. Rushing down the stairs, I almost knock into Roxy who's still in her light-up dress from the night before. "Oh, morning, Roxy" I smile at her, and she beams back, "Morning, Vi!" "Oh, someone's cheery. Something happen last night?" I comment. "Besides you going wild, Vi, remember that guy? He said he had a coupon to this specialized ice cream parlor and I maybe, possibly mentioned that I love ice cream so we're going to meet up again today," she relates.
  11. "Oh, at least someone benefitted from that party. I'm going over the HQ for the meeting, and I'll be staying there for the night. Tomorrow is the extended meeting," I tell her. "Isn't that too early?" Leo comments from below. "Well... I'm going to go see if I can find Wyatt," I admit. "Tell us how it goes," Roxy says, heading up the stairs to her room. "You too!" I shout up the stairs so she can hear me as I continue on my way out the door. I make a stop by Leo to ask, "So is my second-in-command going to finally meet my boss this evening?"
  12. He stretches, "Maybe. I'll have to see if I have time." "What about tomorrow?" I inquire. "Maybe." he repeats. I cross my arms, "Your 'maybe' seems to mean more 'no' than 'yes'. It's been a year, Leo, and the only elite you've met is Zeke because he specifically makes it a point to meet people. Are you avoiding meeting Blake for a specific reason?" "You forget that I have to attend college and go to work, Vi. Besides, we're our own team out here. No one stops by," Leo says. "I take classes too... online. Oh, Leo, I'm going to get you to go someday," I stick my tongue out at him, "Bye." "Cya, Vixla," he mildly replies as I walk out the door.
  13. ~ I like to keep the parts of this series relatively short. Part V soon ~ Whose result would you like to see (Sorry in advance for the results; I got a little lazy this time)

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