Oh god, making a quiz at about 2:00 in the morning. xD

Good morning, it's about 2:00 and I'm making a quiz, instead of going to sleep, resting for school. xD So, what's up? How are you, this lovely morning?

Me? Oh, I'm just...tired. A little. I'm also having just a fine morning, after all, it's 2:00 in the morning. I'm listening to my radio, right now. :3

Created by: Kuro Neko

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  1. Hello, fellow GTQ users. It's Kuro, with another one of my quizzes. You may not know me, but you may. :3
  2. I'm hoping to become a Junior soon, so I can post links and pictures without the [no urls] thing popping up when I attempt to do so. But I'm getting there, my status level bar is still red, though. :P
  3. I actually feel like making 12 questions without doing the "trick" where you supposedly have less than 12 questions, even though it's a school night for me..I'm going to be tired in the morning, I just know. xD
  4. I made this little part of a story. Shall I type it up for you? :)
  5. Kuro finished her rice and set her chopsticks down. Boy, she felt as if she gained 100 lbs. "Kuro, slow down." Okaasan ordered. "No. I'm still hungry." Kuro lied. Tsuki came running in the room, with Hikage following after her. "Guess what?" Tsuki grinned. "What?" Kuro got up. Tsuki held out her new stuffed animal. "It's a Unicorn! Her name is Molly!" Hikage chuckled. "I won it at the fair for her." "That's so nice." Okaasan smiled. Kuro fell over. "Kuro?" Hikage raised an eyebrow. Kuro moaned. "I'm so full.." Okaasan shook her head. "She's ate 5 bowls of rice." Hikage's eyes slightly widened and his ears flicked. "Is that so? For a cat that's 13 in human years?" Tsuki gasped. "I could never eat that much." Kuro got up again and grinned in triumph. "I did."
  6. So, what do you think about it? (I'm going to continue.) :D
  7. My spine hurts. o-o
  8. "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber is playing on my radio, right now. (I like to listen to it at night, so help me fall asleep.) o-o
  9. "If I was your boyfriend, I'd never let you go, keep you on my arm girl, you'd never be alone, I can be a gentleman, anything you want~" :)
  10. Phew. Last question. So Kuro needs to go for now, I'll see you all later~!

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