The Morning Musume Quiz (Expert level)

You must be a Morning Musume fan if you're taking this, otherwise you'll be very lost. Please be sure to read all the questions extra-carefully, they can be quite tricky.^^

Okay Momusu fans! Let's see how totally and utterly obsessed with Morning Musume you are! This quiz has some very tricky questions that may not even be found by google-ing them. Good luck~!^^

Created by: inuyasha

  1. Who founded Hello Project (who started it?).
  2. Who was the founding Singer/s of Hello Project?
  3. What year did Morning Musume Debut?
  4. What year were H!P Eggs introduced?
  5. Which ex-Morning Musume member was known as "Momusu's Mama"?
  6. Which two Morning Musume girls were practially inseparable and "Seldomly went to the bathroom separately"?
  7. Which Morning Musume member was known for being the cutsest and had absoloutly no dark side?
  8. Which Morning Musume member was the most sporty?
  9. Who was the tallest member in Morning Musume?
  10. Who was the shortest Morning Musume member?
  11. Which generation is known as "Genki Itsumo"?
  12. Who is the oldest member ever in Morning Musume (past members included).
  13. Who has the longest standing leadership?
  14. Who has the shortest standing leadership?
  15. And finally, What is the name of the label that Morning Musume is signed under?

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