Brayden's Morning Routine

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Hi guys! My name is Brayden! This is my first quiz that I made for you guys! This quiz is all about what I do every morning! So , click this test to see what I do every morning!

So , what are you waiting for? Let's get started doing this test! In every test , there are 4 choices to pick. Only 1 correct answer is in this quiz. There are total of 10 questions in this quiz. So , let's start!

Created by: Brayden Huang

  1. What do I do first after I get out of bed?
  2. Do I wash my hands before I eat?
  3. Do I and my sister eat together?
  4. Do my dad go to shower first?
  5. Do I go late for school everyday?
  6. What do I usually drink for breakfast?
  7. Am I and my sister is in good mood every morning?
  8. Do I look on iPad while I am eating?
  9. Do I take long in the shower?
  10. What do I do first before I go to the car?

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