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From the creator of 2:16 in the Morning ... Your name is Mandy Roger and you have the choice between 4 guys. You're in boarding school in grade 10. But Mason, Parker and Hunter have dark secrets.

Who do you want? Who will betray you during this series. What will happen? Take my other quizzes {Life at Hogwarts} and {2:16 in the Morning}. Stay tuned.

Created by: chaz55

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  1. You wake up in a hospital bed. The doctor walks in. He's a tall man with black hair and has a black moustache. He stared at you and then started talking but you didn't understand him. You try to tell him you don't understand but you're too weak. You suddenly fall back asleep.
  2. This time when you wake up, Chelsea is beside you. Chelsea asks how you're feeling and you don't get what happened. She asks you what you remember and you tell her that you blacked out when you saw that thing. She tells you the real story.
  3. Chelsea's spits on your arm and you are out cold. Suddenly, it seems you are watching yourself as if someone else were watching. You walk back to your room and then faint. Chelsea, just a few minutes later, walks out of your room and sees you. She drags you into the room and the scene changes.
  4. She puts you on your bed and she wakes you up by pinching you. You suddenly wake up and you see but don't hear Chelsea is talking to you. Parker walks in and sits beside you. He tells you something and you start to cry.
  5. Parker stands in the middle of the room and disappears. You burst into tears and Chelsea tells you to go to sleep. You finally come back to real life and realize the doctor is by your side. Chelsea obviously put you back to real life for the sake of talking to the doctor. "How do you feel?" he asks you. "Better." you mumble. "You have to stay here for 3 more hours while we get the results. Then we will see if you can leave." He walks out of the room and Chelsea continues the story.
  6. You're back in your dorm room this time as yourself. You're still crying, not knowing what you're doing, like you are being controlled. You watch as Mason comes in and talks to you to. He walks in, whispers something to Chelsea and suddenly vanishes.
  7. You're finally able to hear. Chelsea looks around and closes the door. "Now to get you into the hospital." She bites you and you're out cold.
  8. You come back to the hospital room and Chelsea has a worried look on her face. "Did you see the whole thing." "Yes. Yes, I did." Chelsea runs out and you want to chase her but you know you will fall if you get up.
  9. You are very confused. You don't know anything. You don't know who or what the dead thing was on the ground, you don't know what Parker said and did and you don't know what Mason said. But you do know one thing. Chelsea is evil.

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