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From the creator of 2:16 in the Morning ... Your name is Mandy Roger and you have the choice between 4 guys. You're in boarding school in grade 10. But Mason and Hunter have dark secrets.

Who do you want? Who will betray you during this series. What will happen? Take my other quizzes {Life at Hogwarts} and {2:16 in the Morning}. Stay tuned.

Created by: chaz55

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  1. You're falling. You know you're going to die but it's worth it (me: harsh). Then, everything's gone. You're in your bed and nothing happened.
  2. You sit up and there he is, or should I say there they are. The two Parkers.
  3. "She's awake." one of them says, "How do you feel?" "The last thing I remember is falling out the window." "K." You then notice you're not tied up and that the door is open. You make a run for it and finally you get to your dorm. You lock the door and you're safe. You turn around and Chelsea's there.
  4. As you walk quietly to your bed not to wake up Chelsea, a big pounding sound is at the door. You don't dare answer it. But then you think maybe it's
  5. You open the door (me: really?) and it's one of the Parkers, it looks like the one you know. You slam the door, but Parker is too fast. "I can promise you that I won't say anything." "I can't trust anyone." "You can't even trust your best friend?"
  6. As you show Parker to the door, the other Parker is there. Parker starts freaking out. Suddenly, Chelsea wakes up. "Hey, what's going o..." She couldn't finish her sentence, she passed out. One Parker grabbed you and the other grabbed Chelsea and you were in their room as soon as you could say as.
  7. The days go by as you start to crave a real meal. How much trouble you'll be in after missing a month and a half of school, you don't know but you do know how much you want to:
  8. Parker is in class and the other Parker went to McDonalds out of campus. You run to the door in your ropes and when the door opens it's
  9. NO! It's Mason. His eyes are as black as midknight and his face as pale as the moon. You start to ask him why he looks like that but he ignores you, lunges at you and as he reaches his lips to your neck everything in your body feels relaxed.

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