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From the creator of 2:16 in the Morning ... Your name is Mandy Roger and you have the choice between 4 guys. You're in boarding school in grade 10. But Mason and Hunter have dark secrets.

Who do you want? Who will betray you during this series. What will happen? Take my other quizzes {Life at Hogwarts} and {2:16 in the Morning}. Stay tuned.

Created by: chaz55

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  1. Beep, beep. Stupid alarm clock. You press snooze and go back to sleep not knowing what time it is or what is going on. You wake up an hour later and realize you're an hour and a half late.
  2. As you eagerly get dressed to at least make it to 2nd period. You put on your clothes and are out the dorm. You can't believe your roommate, Chelsea, didn't wake you.
  3. As you walk to math class you try not makes sound because Mr. Stevens is correcting tests. "Ms. Roger!" he screams, "Fourth day in a row. I'm sorry but you will have to go see the principal after school." You sigh and sit down next to Chelsea and your best friend Parker.
  4. The rest of the day goes by quickly until lunch. You decide to sit at the cool kids table with all the cool boys. Especially, Mason and Hunter.
  5. You go to sit down right in between Mason and Hunter. "Hi" they say at the same time.
  6. "I'm going to watch the football game tomorrow night. Why's it so late?" you say. "tomorrow night?" Hunter said with worry, "I can't go tomorrow night." "Why not? You are the most important player." "hmmhhmm." mumbled Mason. "And our captain, of course." you turned back around and Hunter was gone.
  7. "Hey Mandy! You going to the basketball game tonight?"
  8. The day goes by even quicker after lunch. You're walking back to your dorm when Parker stops to see you. "Can I walk you back to your dorm."
  9. As you lose track of time because you went out for dinner, you walk back to his dorm and you can't believe your eyes.
  10. This is a cliffhanger. You probably are not going to read the first paragraph so I'll explain something here. Your name is Mandy Roger and you are 15 years old. You go to Hamshire Boarding school high school.

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