are you a true emo

there are many dark people in the world but not many are emo. what is emo emo is a dark depressed person who cuts themselves t feel good. but the emo name has been tarnished by poser who fake being emo to seem sensitive and in such selfish acts have we lost many historical emos one known emo in history in napoleon the little french midget from invent france

are you a dark person or a delightfully charming happy go lucky child do you try to get girls by pretending all you answers will be solved soon. EMO

Created by: sorry

  1. do you love life
  2. do you cut yourself
  3. do you write poetry
  4. do you date
  5. are your parents loving
  6. is your family plagued by drunks sociopaths people who should be in an asylum (a prison for crazy people) and tweekers who physically mentally or emotionally abuse you
  7. do you play video games
  8. do you use social networks to interact with people
  9. do you dye your hair black
  10. do you were black clothes

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Quiz topic: Am I a true emo