Which "Lost" Man Are You?

Love 'em or hate 'em, the male characters on ABC's Lost are a unique mix of brains, brawn and heart in varying amounts. They can be altruistic one minute, and unforgivably selfish the next. Just like real people.

Which are you? Are you Sawyer, doing it all for yourself and to Blazes with everyone else. Or are you Hurley, trying his best to make everyone around you feel comfortable and safe? Take the quiz and see!

Created by: Greybishop

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  1. When faced with injured, bloody people, you:
  2. If you thought someone had wronged you, say by taking something that belonged to you, you would:
  3. When marooned on an island, you most want to get home because:
  4. When it comes to leadership, you are:
  5. Your personal battle cry would be:
  6. You've just watched the "Orientation Film" for the Swan Station, telling you that you have to "Press the Button" every 108 minutes. You:
  7. Food is scarce on the island. You have skills that will allow you to help the group deal with that scarcity. You:
  8. If only you and one of the women on the island were going to survive, you would hope that it would be:
  9. If you had to describe yourself in one word, that word would be:
  10. Your philosophy is:

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Quiz topic: Which "Lost" Man am I?