Which Tokyo Ghoul character are you?

Tokyo Ghoul is the worst show ever made but you watch it anyway. What's the point of making this quiz? No one knows. We both know you'll take it regardless, though.

So, if you wanna kill some time or just disappoint your parents - take this quiz. It'll tell you who you're most like minus the shame of asking your friends.

Created by: jkjk
  1. Let's say you're in a conference with some very important people, who you've never met before. When do you speak?
  2. If you were in a life or death group situation, what role would you be assigned?
  3. What are you most likely to move first in a game of chess?
  4. What would you say the most pleasant time of day is?
  5. Think of the person you love most. Would you honestly jump in front of a bullet for them?
  6. You're a ghoul. What kind of mask do you want commissioned?
  7. You're an investigator. What kind of weapon do you want?
  8. Are you good with kids?
  9. Do your thoughts and your actions match up?
  10. What kind of space are you most comfortable in?
  11. Have you envisioned a future for yourself? Can you clearly see where you're headed in life?
  12. How level-headed are you?
  13. Would you say you're more logical or impulsive?
  14. Can you easily explain your thought process to others?

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Quiz topic: Which Tokyo Ghoul character am I?