Which Of My Tokyo Ghoul OCs Are You?

This is a quiz that will ask a few serious questions and a few 'for fun' questions. The characters are not all of my Tokyo Ghoul Original Characters, but they are the ones i use the most.

Most of the characters/results are apart of group "The Blue Phoenix" who are, a group of ghouls who wish to have peace between ghouls and humans, but will not hesitate to fight for their freedom.

Created by: Annie Arlert
  1. Do you take pleasure in seeing others' suffering?
  2. Do you like colourful hair?
  3. Do you believe that all human or humanoid beings are equal by default?
  4. How would/do you dress?
  5. If you had to kill to save a life, would you?
  6. Would you promise someone something you knew you couldn't keep, just to spare someone's feelings?
  7. Are you Short or Tall?
  8. If you could have any of the following superpowers, which would you want?
  9. Would you rather only drink juice or soda?
  10. Knives or Guns?
  11. How much makeup?

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Quiz topic: Which Of My Tokyo Ghoul OCs am I?